5 reasons to consider schema markup than ever before?

We used to prepare our websites to be more relevant for search engines, as they are responsible for crawling our pages. But have you ever asked yourself if there is another party translates your content to search engine?  Here we will talk about schema markup role to rank our page. Here we go!

What is schema markup

Schema Markup is a set of codes based on HTML that helps search engines to recognize the relevancy of your website before crawling it in front of the search queries.

It informs the search engine about the content of your website, to whom it is directed and details about the content in a structured process. In other words,  it communicates the search engines and translates your page content to be well-visualized.

This method helps in having pretty informative SERPS to the user search request rather than random reflection to the keywords he inputs. This tool gives contextual display for the content you prepare.

Why Schema markup is important for your business SEO

Let’s meet the 5 reasons for using schema markup in brief:

1) Highly trusted

Search engines highly rely on Schema Markup as a relevancy indicator of the web site. This is why we frequently find the websites with Schema markup are ranked on the top search result.

Search engines recognize only keywords, however schema markup help them to determine the meaning and target of that web page.

2)  Focus on your  target

Due to the different data and indicators included in your page, SERPs will display your content for predetermined audiences that are interested in your content in their search.

3) Fast presentation about your business

When the user reads the search result suggestion, he will shape clear perception about your business model, reviews and many other relative data. This information helps in boosting brand awareness and user acquisition.

4) Versatile use

You could use Schema Markup for a different type of content with very applicable standards in regard to the content category. You could use it for a product, book reviews, services, local business, event, article, job posting, courses, recipe…

5) The future SEO tool

We use schema now and expect to remain useful for the coming years. As it includes relevant standards that have much to do with SEO which is a permanent need for online businesses.

How schema works

Schema depends on data segmentation, typically structured data and data formats. For structured data, It labels the content type, the author, the image, time, description, rating reviews.

Because the user could search for your content using one of these keywords inside your page.

About the data format, you may rely on schema and google as well, because your content needs to adapt to what is recommended for the search engine in terms of recommendation and efficiency. As a recommended structured data format for Google is JSON-LD, Try to use it whenever possible.

However, the schema could provide structured data with RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD as well.  For further details, we invite you to visit schema.org

Example of structured data for cheesecake

I will put the recipe of cheesecake schema (because it is my favorite dessert) Just to have an idea, because I may miss some schema sub-points but when you follow the guide while preparing your content schema, you could find further details.  

  • Type: recipe                                                                                           
  • Name: cheesecake                                                                                 
  • Author: xxxx                                                                                         
  • Image: image link                                                                                  
  • Description: American dessert                                                   
  • Rating value: 5                                                                                     
  • Review count: 200                                                                                
  • Best rating: 6                                                                                 
  • Bad rating 1                                                                                     
  • Prep time: 1 hr                                                                                    
  • Total time: 1;30 min                                                                       
  • Calories: XXX      
  • Recipe: xx Cheese, whipping cream, butter, biscuit… but with more quantity details,

It would appear like this in the search result

These details will help to showcase your content on the search results in a way that grabs the user attention to click and go inside. 


I wish that we arrive together to understand the concept easily.  If you have any feedback feel free to post it,  See you 😉

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