8 tips to keep your business performing during the Quarantine 

The World is bleeding due to The rapid spread of COVID-19, many companies stop producing,  others close their doors. But some businesses allow their staff to work remotely to not block the business commitments.   

Let’s learn together important tips to keep productive while working remotely. 

Schedule your plan for the week

Either you are the manager or the employee, try to organize your work per day in advance. For instance, prepare the weekly schedule for you and your staff to remain on the page. These habits allow you to control the work and performance rate.

Put To-Do list per day 

This is quite important to keep the focus on the target of the day without any supervision from another party. Put To-do List with few numbers of tasks but make sure that you fulfill them by the end of the day. 

Because many people try to fill the list with many things and they illude themselves to finish them, but they couldn’t and they discover that lately once time has flown. 

Put a To-Do list made-up of 5 Tasks. First, you will feel that they are manageable, then you will complete them well without postpone.

Arrange your meetings 

Either you are the business owner or the employee, you need to arrange meetings frequently.  Meetings are crucial for many reasons: 1.to keep updated 2. allow your mates and collaborators to check what you have prepared 3. been able to discuss with you their feedback. 

Meetings and video calls are dramatically important to keep in touch with all team members. During quarantine days, People don’t have the opportunity to move as they used to do. So they need to double their contact to be updated. 

Separate the personal time from working time 

Maybe this is the most common issue between major people who used to work remotely. 

They find that they cannot master their time while they have many things can absorb their attention. 

They spontaneously find themselves doing things because the general atmosphere of space/location includes a cozy mood. 

Where they can watch series on Netflix, answer private conversations, check the Facebook feed, look at Insta stories, feeding babies for working mums, cooking meals, … 

Of course, all these things are very common in passing by. but they shouldn’t ruin your working mood. try to do personal stuff before start working. 

Once you are in front of your pc you guarantee that you are 100% focus. and behave as if you are in the office with time limits and deadlines. 

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Prepare your working area 

Stop working in bed,  this habit increases passive emotions and you will doze. 

Prepare your desk to change your pajama, yes I repeat, change your pajama and wear sth else as if you are going to the office.

Why that? because that will activate your inner feelings and motivate you to work, makeup, nice outfit, fragrance, a cup of your favorite drink…

Reward yourself, and be generous towards your own person not just when you go out. these are types of motivations can increase your productivity at home.  

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Remain Online

You don’t know when you may get a call or a message from the team, thus stay online and don’t go away from your device. Because some issues might be an emergency, so you can’t postpone.

Or maybe your team needs you for a particular consultant or support at that time. Stay tuned and once you want to have a break keep your phone with you. 

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Keep Out Of the Door missions for one day

For not breaking the law and regulations of your country and to secure that your business will remain safe.

We know that some tasks should be run in the office or you need to check them personally. So try to collect all your OFD business to be in one day.

Marketing opportunity 

During the quarantine period, all content producers in all domains will have a great chance to reach max numbers of their targets. as people are available and online all day and they are consuming content they like. 

So it is an opportunity to advertise for your content either online courses, Food recipes, series and movies, updated articles, sales, and offers…

Try to make these days productive rather than a decline it is just a matter of management and stay tuned for the best techniques to master your business well.

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Anyway, we wish that the virus vanishes in the few coming days and back to our ordinary life and our community as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we invite you to stay home mastering your business remotely, and follow medical instructions to protect your life and your family. See you 😉  

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