As an employee or as a Manager: How to deal with Finger-Pointing at work?

Have you ever been the scapegoat of a certain problem at the workplace? Do you feel that your team members are not qualified enough to share all the work responsibilities?

If you experienced one of these behaviors at work, keep reading this article. it will help you 🙂

What is finger-pointing?

Finger-pointing is the mindset of claiming others’ responsibility for causing a particular problem or a mistake. It is about blaming others for certain errors.

At work, this behavior is very common.  You may be the claimer or the pointed person. The key point about this behavior is its destruction to the team unit and the workflow.

How finger-pointing fragments your team at work


  • Declines performance 

Once the employee thinks about his mission as a separate individual and not as a part of the crew.  This will limit the collaboration between the members and they will behave in an independent process far from each other.  

In other words, they will think about the task in itself rather than thinking about the final outcome for the company as one unit.

  • Raises bad attitudes

Finger-pointing highlights the bad attitudes between the employees.

How? since they think individually, they will try to figure out the flaws and errors in the work of their mates, to brighten their image. in the eye of their boss.

As time passes this attitude increases the hate feelings and blocks the support between colleagues.

This is really horrible behavior never do that  🙁

  • Handicaps the creative mindset

When your employees witness one of their colleagues has been mistreated or sharply blamed for a particular mistake he made. They will feel afraid of initiative thinking and won’t try new things for not being blamed or fired.

However, business requires ideations and a creative mindset to keep ruling the market. Even the mistakes that have been committed are another source of creativity but if you know how to valorize them.

  • Decreases self-confidence

The person, that has been solely treated for a particular business decline, will feel unconfident toward all his capabilities and skills. He will avoid contributing to any collaborative task.

Due to the psychological harassment that he experienced. he would be a passive recipient instead of being an influencer.

How to  avoid this mindset in the company

Well, in this section the boss is the most influential loop in terms of contribution to handling the problem. Below are a bunch of tips for employers and employees to deal with this problem in the office.

 As a boss


  • WE instead of YOU or HE

It is important to frequently emphasize the team spirit in your speech. Instead of YOU as a single individual. Try the WE as one group. These habits empower the link between the team members and fusion the efforts to achieve the company vision. 

  • Find the solution together

It doesn’t matter who made the mistake, The real matter is how to solve the issue and everybody will contribute to finding the solutions. Because blaming that person will not solve the problem.  Instead, it will raise the tension and keep the team running inside a closed circle.

  • Enhance the Community thinking between members

Since the first day at work,  inform your employees that you assume all outcomes together. Celebrate the success and overcome the failure together. Once you succeed to elaborate this way of thinking in their minds,  they will work in regard to that.

  • Eliminate reporting

Never admit or hear employees’ reports about each other. Once your employee tells you ‘’ That was Jane’s mistake, she needs to assume her responsibility”.  

A wise manager will respond ‘’ if Jane made the mistake, what did you propose to solve it’’ this is a very effective way to put an end to reporting and gossip inside the office. 

Unfortunately, many businesses encourage their employees to report their colleagues’ behavior. And that what really breaks the profession.

  • Continuous control

The successful manager is usually on the page about the team working process. Once he notices an error he recovers it simultaneously and not leave the mistake getting wider.    

There are many software companies that develop this kind of program. They allow you to track the project flow in a seamless process.

However, neglecting the work process and lay only on the previous instructions that you gave to the staff is a big mistake.  

So don’t be surprised by the result because mission distributions without supervision will not guarantee the complete fulfillment of the project.

You would tell me but I recruited them and I pay them to assume their responsibilities. I would tell you that you are dealing with a human being, not a machine and it is highly expected to commit mistakes.

So instead of thinking theoretically, keep an eye on the workflow to reach the result that you want. Rather than being shocked by the result of losing your deal. right  😉 

  • Arrange  round meetings

This kind of meeting is important to think about the problem resolution by involving the different members.

By allowing people to express themselves. You will help in raising many solutions for the case and forget about who did the mistake.

Plus, it helps in offering further opportunities to deal with different subjects. This practice enables you as a boss to understand your employees’ requirements, their blocking areas and allows them to ask for help without being ashamed.  They will feel that all of them are equal in terms of recognition and responsibilities. 

As an employee

  • Accept the mistake and try to solve it

Try to focus well on your tasks to secure successful results. But if you made a mistake, it is not the end of the world. Anybody can make mistakes and we should do them to learn what is right.

Denying the problem or under-esteem it, is not a solution. Instead, you must be a responsible person for what you did. and assume the outcomes whatever were these results. Because neglecting the issue will double the trouble. And then you couldn’t control it anymore.

  • Be clear and report your issue as it is

Well, you should assume responsibility for what happened. Thus you need to share the case with your direct boss or the person who could help. Because hiding the issue or keeping some details may lead to a misunderstanding or the inability to solve the problem.

Your clarity would be considered a good feature. It will upgrade the respect and the trust level between you and your team. Don’t think of it from a negative perspective.

  • Don’t beat up your colleagues

The same here, if one of your colleagues made a mistake,  try to help in solving it rather than reporting his mistake out loudly and embarrass him.

Imagine that if you were in his place, how will you feel at that time?. Try to support your colleagues which would be more valuable than putting the spot on their frauds. Really better 😉

  • Don’t lose confidence and never accept mistreatment

You are a good employee and you did a great job.  You may face some difficulties that prevent you from completing your task effectively.

Think of that issue as a new challenge to prove your capabilities but never lose self-confidence.  

Assume your responsibility but secure the respect standards for your person. 


We do face many different problems at work, many of them seem weird or unexpected from professional people. But we need to deal with all of them wisely to remain successful.  

Tell me if you faced such behaviors at work. See you 😉

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