Best tips to be a SUCCESSFUL Community Manager

20 years ago, no one would recruit a person for managing chatting and Internet concerns.
In that time the business owner would say, “am I supposed to pay someone for chatting and connecting online, my secretary would do that sufficiently”.

But today the community management has become an inevitable marketing need inside any company.

Who is the community manager

A community manager is a person who is assigned to master the company’s different social media accounts and PR tasks. for branding and communication purposes.

He would be in direct contact with customers or followers. In other words, he will be the company ambassador.

What are his key qualities and related missions

1) His qualities


Social media content is based on speed and trends so if you want to apply for this position you must be a very active person.

Continuous learning

Following the previous point,  the community manager needs to feed his knowledge by various capacities.

Your social media pages should be the first credible source of information for your target.

Thus we invite you to follow influential leaders in the industry to inspire you if you are a beginner in this field.

Hearing capacity

Usually, consider the followers as your students and they have different communication attitudes.

“James is very direct person, Sam is too talkative, Alice is usually under-rush and she wants to get everything at once, Peter is nervous. But the common figure between all of them is, they look for information and you should offer them the relevant answer.

Bear in mind that Online reputation is very vulnerable. Plus you are running a business on the company’s official pages, not on your private page. Therefore you need to take care of every single detail, right! 😉

Technical skills

The community manager needs to be qualified in using particular tools to facilitate the mission for himself and to not referring to designers each time he wants to post a piece of content.

He may learn some fundamentals of   Adobe spark, Canva, Piktochart, Pablo… These are very easy and helpful tools for someone who wouldn’t perfection them totally but he may need them to carry some content formats.

However,  today we find that many platforms are offering appealing photos and different types of visuals dedicated to bloggers and content producers. This approach has made the mission easier in a hurried world. You could check Unsplash, Istock, Pexels…

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2) His missions

Humanize the brand

You have to make users feel that they deal with a human being and not with a lucrative company profile.

You could use emojis to express funny moments and share the team members’ cozy time.

Respond in a customizable process and try to create a close relationship with your community.


Be responsive as much as you can. Provide responsive content ( videos, text, Giphy…) and offer pleasant customer support.

Today, we find many companies use WhatsApp to deal with customer concerns because it is simple yet, an accessible channel for both sides.


You need to link the blog content to your social accounts as it would be a smart anchoring tool for your followers.

People wouldn’t directly address your blog and read the recent content, However, you must go to them and knock their newsfeed.

Community is first

We used to say “Content is a king” but today community is a king’. Could you tell me who would display your awesome content if your target group is not interested or they feel you are egocentric?

You need as a community manager to put the spot on your segment and get them involved in your brand.

You may: Ask them about your new logo design, invite them to participate in a survey that would change your business or ask about their feedback towards your services…

Make sure that you are working with them and for them, thus never forget to satisfy them.

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Business deal agreement

Hashtag use

Hashtags are very crucial elements for social media posts; they have a great impact on spreading trends and viral marketing.

This importance needs to be implemented carefully without overwhelming your audience with useless hashtags.

Apply hashtags wisely to not lose the attention toward the principal concept.


All social media channels have common purposes; Raise brand awareness and managing marketing campaigns.

However, each platform has a different style of content that identifies its community.

For example
If you publish a funny post on Facebook that includes emojis and jokes. We advise you to not use it on Linkedin. In this platform, you could post Job ads, a new official event or an article about a particular theme.

The Linkedin community is quite formal and seeks professional content more than anything else.

In twitter, you would work on brief content, news, and hashtags as the platform is highly dedicated to that.


This is an important metric for any Community Manager.
Using the “to do” list weekly or monthly is an effective way to guarantee task fulfillment and time-saving.

You could use different social media platforms such as Buffer, friends +me, Hootsuite, Audience, Sprout social…

These tools will help in scheduling posts and content development tips.

Social media categories

1. Sharing Network

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter: Here you would share various content and network, they help in the leading generation, market research, customer services, and raise brand awareness.

2. Media sharing

Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Vimeo: this category has to do with appealing visuals and the media quality are important metrics
People love these media features and enjoy sharing them especially within the rise of stories that help

3. Discussion forum

Reddit, Quora, Digg, On these platforms you will discuss, share and look for information within domain colleagues under support responses and interactions.

The purpose of using the social network is to be close to your users to serve their requests with qualified content that please them and not just filling a gap.

For instance, If your customers are totally LinkedIn users so why you are addressing the rest of the channels? this doesn’t make sense.


Now could you tell me how do you feel toward this job? is it an easy job for you? do you have one of these features that would help you in your future job? tell me that in the comment box? See you guys 😉

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