Digital transformation best practices in the Insurance agency

We all notice that during the pandemic crisis,  the medical and pharmaceutical industries have seen a high increase in demand. Either for the cure,  for information, or for consulting,  and the insurance agencies are no exception.

So let’s talk about how insurance agencies can apply an effective digital transformation especially during these hard moments.

Why we chose this sector ”Insurance agencies”

We have been working with different industries including insurance agencies. We succeeded to help our clients to customize their digital experience to fit their target niche. Our expertise in this domain pulls us to share with you the best approach and proven practices to do it well.

Another point that pushes us to talk about this subject is the urgent need to apply that digital transformation overall to the insurance agencies especially here in Tunisia where we need to go further in this field.

Why insureTech is important

People’s life is the most precious thing and they invest their money to care about it and live well.

We all notice that during this pandemic, all innovative solutions, that can support or bring any relevant information,  were very appreciated by all users around the world. Mobile apps statistics,  contact tracing app, E-learning, delivery services …

As a result, people can adapt and pay for all digital solutions,  that can save their lives and protect their resources. any creative or digital transformation in this field ( Insurance) would be adapted fast.

Figure about insurethech market progress yoy

How to apply a digital transformation inside an insurance agency

Design thinking and empathy

Throughout our experience, design thinking is everything. Whether you want to provide an online platform or a simple website that covers some areas of your business.

For insurance agencies, they need to understand their niche and personalize the offered services with a high level of empathy.  These practices help the customers to take the action fast.

The onboarding stage is a key modifier in the customer journey.

On an insurance website;  information, signup details, and contact are very crucial to be submitted on the sitemap intuitively.

Personalized communication channels

It is very obvious that due to the pandemic situation,  businesses shift 90% of their tasks online.  That urges the implementation of relevant communication medium with the right customer.

We know that insurance companies deal with different social strata. That fact initiates them to use different contact methods; Email, phone call, WhatsApp notifications, texting…

The idea is to target every customer with his preferred and most available tool.

A complete-digital approach for all types of requests

Customers are tech-savvy enough.  Their digital lifestyle requires a complete understanding of their expectations.

The recent health crisis makes insurance agencies in front of a big challenge as it is the situation with other sectors.

To submit a car or house insurance request;  the customer is seeking to find all the required doc as well as the contract on-one-stop website.

This will attribute other related solutions referring to digital signature and encryption code as well as biometric data authentication and payment gateway.

Consider that people are no longer free enough to move outside and limitations are getting tighter. So it is time to offer a 100% digital experience.

In this context, we would like to take the example of Axa global health insurance based in Paris is the best example of insurance services digital transformation.

Axa is in continuous progress to provide the best insurance experience to its customers around the world.

Insurance agency and life concept

Create  an omnichannel insurance customer experience

This is what do we call a cross-channel content strategy. It is to deliver the information and allowing contact on multiple layers on your website&app.

Try to give customizable content across all the available channels. Then, help the customer to find you easily and get in touch via different contact points.

Such as social media messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, phone number, chatbot, email, direct contact…

There are plenty of touchpoints that a customer goes through to find the best insurer.  So,  as an insurance company, you shouldn’t miss that.

What we want to say is that each segment needs to have a tailored content depends on his persona profile. That helps in raising conversion, increase ROI, and customer loyalty.

CRM data Collection

In business, Data is the fuel to succeed.  Laying on AI and machine learning, insurance agencies need to optimize their interaction and assistance in the following areas:

  • Customer claims&requests processing.
  • Billing and payment issues.
  • Customer acquisition and consulting.
  • Customer profiling.
  • Sales and Return prediction.
  • Manage leads and identify their source to raise engagement and conversion.
  • Provide HR staff with an intuitive interface as an in-house management tool.
  • Re-design the marketing plan upon correct data.
  • Manage the business backend to enhance the interaction based on customer data input.
  • Help in forecasting and prepare advanced solutions.

CRM system in insurance agency

Nothing can help any industry more than a smart CRM system. Especially in the insurance industry.

Insurance agencies need a high level of attention and flexibility in regard to the customer interest either, health, P&C, travel, education…

Where digital transformation can take place

Digitization can be applied to several layers in the customer journey.

The key concept is how to turn this experience into a hassle-free approach for both sides customers and insurance staff.

Consulting and acquisition

Provide responsive platforms and channels where visitors and customers can find all answers to their requests.

Either as informative content set on the website or instant yet personalized message on the different contact points.

Scalable Claims and request processing

Provide an intuitive customer profiling and request approach. This will help in directing the claim or the person to the right destination and department. Also, filling requests online can shortcut the journey for both.

Digital documentation processing

Throughout our digital accompanying to insurance companies. We got that documentation and file preservation are among the most annoying step that insurers and customers go across.

Thus, we offered a complete digital solution that considers the different steps and file submission.

Enhance the marketing funnels

BH assurance,  a Tunisian insurance agency, is a good example of an insure tech application in Tunisia.

They adopt a smart approach to reach customers and turn the insurance journey into an easy game.

When we Talk about marketing funnels. We meant the different mediums that pamper the user journey from the acquisition stage to the retention and loyalty plans.

In this journey, our intervention as a digital agency may take different facets:

  • We draw the persona profile and imagine a complete journey for it.
  • Set the touchpoints, stages, and the key interaction point with the customer.
  • Put anticipations and alternative solutions for all the projected pain points.
  • Design the social media Tone of voice and content to represent the brand value.
  • Customize the front and backend to serve customer requests and data input.
  • Facilitate Payment gateway approach.
  • User account data management.
  • Email campaign management.
  • HR internal connection management.
  • Data warehousing.

In other words, we tried to cover the different touchpoints to offer a completely digital web experience that worthy to go through.

marketing funnel in insurance agency

Risk management solutions

Insurance agencies witnessed remarkable outcomes during this crisis, They need to prepare themselves to witness tighter issues that require remote assistance.

Therefore, digital transformation needs to be well applied in this industry, and go beyond the basic concept.

During the last couple of years, Data generation using AI  and bot data processing has made user profiling and forecasting a piece of cake. So it is no longer a matter of expectations and uncertainty.

It is about the way these companies need to adapt to different conditions either related to their customers’ lives or their business recession.

Maybe you are at the very early step of digital transformation or maybe you don’t know how to start. You may need a digital consultant before you start whatever, here we are ! and start the digital journey


We wish this article was good enough to help you digitize your insurance approach and increase sales.

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