Domain Authority & Page Authority:Best practices for SEO

To ensure that your pages meet the algorithm and SEO standards, you need to take care of your Domain and Page authorities. As they represent the Principal basis of ranking and online reputation. 

So let’s learn about  Domain Authority and Page Authority and how you need to treat them correctly to reach the optimization goals.  

What is the difference? 

 The domain Authority

The domain authority is a key metric for the ranking of a particular website. It considers many standards to optimize the website in the SERP, including the page authority.

The domain authority score ranks from 1 to 100.  the higher the DA you have, the more optimization you get. The recommended rate is over 60, the most impactful factor to determine the DA relevancy is Inbound links.

We can say that the Domain Authority is based on data linking. and how many other domains and pages link back to your domain. 

DA is built for long-term outcomes.  So you need to be patient to note the results. 

What is the Page Authority 

Like the domain authority, it represents another parameter for search engines to measure website relevancy. However, it deals more with on-page SEO. 

Unlike the DA, page authority is about the fast observed result.  It deals with very easy parameters and remarkable SEO metrics. 

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DA and PA optimization best practices

We merge both authorities’ practices to come up with the most useful processes for both at once.  MOZ Rank has developed tremendous tools to measure this rate. From that, we try to narrow down some metrics to consider while developing your DA and PA. 

 Identify your competitor

Why? because you couldn’t improve your domain if using non-precise criteria or by referring to the mega brands like Facebook, Coca-Cola,  Shopify… Try to observe your direct competitor and improve your plan referring to that. 

 Inbound links 

Well, the highly considered metric is what people get or do on your pages, this is the most trustful signal for indexation.  We mean when you get external links from other domains pointing to your pages.

That metric is the only marker about your domain quality yet relevancy. It tells search engines that you are delivering beneficial content that internet users rely on and refer to it. 

Outgoing linking

This is when you put links inside your website/blog that refer to another website.  Well, this tool is impactful and you need to put links from powerful references that have high authority and good online reputation. 

Maybe you don’t get benefit from this practice directly, as the website that you are linking to will get the privilege.   But at another level, once you direct the user to a reputed yet quality website.

The search engine will consider that as a try from you to provide your audience with interesting content and complete information. That, of course, will influence your indexation opportunities. 

Domains with an Extension, like GOV, Edu, Org, have high reputable authority once you link to them.

Internal links 

We talk about the importance of external links, but your own links are also a significant tool to reinforce the different pages inside the same domain. Thus try to put links in an interconnecting way that lead the visitors to predefined destinations in each page ( home page, contact, resources, blog… ) Try to empower your pages within your tools. 😉 

E.A.T standards confirmation

(Expertise, Authorities, Trustworthy) which are almost the core of the whole concept  They have to do more with content editing. But also impact other parts of online pages. So you need to meet these standards in your online practices. to learn more about E.A.T standards, check this article What are E.A.T & YMYL SEO standards: key message for content editors!


To get links-follow you need to create relevant deliverables with high-quality standards. The only thing that brings you links and massive waves of traffic is to provide the user with relevant yet add-value content. A content that has to do with his concerns and search queries.

Focus on your target and determine their key questions instead of observing trends that in some occasions don’t fit your brand at all. 


Well, you couldn’t build the metrics above, if you couldn’t reach the audience’s trust toward what you offer. In other words, try to give them trustful content that they could rely on as a reference. 

To do that, you need to learn a lot about the content that you offer and provide valuable services that make your audience choose your brand over the competitors. 

Trustworthy combines also the data protection and the navigating experience that you provide your users with. Make sure that your website conforms to the security standards and data protection engagement.

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Anchor text

The anchor text is the blue underlined line that appears inside a paragraph to illustrate or to link to another source ( internal or external). You may tell me, so what? what is special about the anchor text? 

Definitely, It represents another resource to feed your DA and PA.indexation.

So instead of putting the word click here to learn, write down the destination title as a link label.  So the user will know the destination of that link and the value, it will add to his knowledge. 

Also, search engines prefer clear anchor text titles that tell them, what does this link refer to and how much it compromises with the context that you provide. 

On-page SEO

It highlights the way you present your title, headers, meta description, meta tags, internal links, content, product description…  

This mission has become easier with the various plugins that notify you about the weak areas in your pages and propose you how to develop. For instance, while using WordPress plugins like Yoast or SEMrush, they will highlight the SEO level of your article. 

Determining the mistakes, awkward expressions and tell you each time the level you reach regarding these standards. I personally get a lot from them while preparing the blog post. 

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Social media share buttons 

Enhance your social shares by offering shareable content on the social platforms used by your target. This helps in spreading your content and raising awareness of your business. 

MOZ trust 

Since Moz is the initial developer of this concept.  It is considered as the principal reference to recognize while dealing with DA. It develops a bunch of tools and solutions to measure the DA and helps the user to develop their domain considering the right practices. 

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Time to fly 

To be clear, DA and PA are very complex metrics to measure. therefore search engines and software companies use Machine learning to recognize. However, the practices mentioned above are very influential tools to try for your business, once you apply them well you will notice the change. see you guys 😉 

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