How chatbots will improve future customer services?

Companies around the globe are highly concerned with the customer service that they offer. And within the progress of AI,  They start using it to boost their services to be more User-centric and in a flawless approach.  

 What is AI in brief

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is about the advanced technology that learns, listens, communicates, resonates and analyses our behaviors. Regarding these collected data,  online businesses could offer personalized UX and increase their ROI.

This process has to do with Cloud computing, Big data, and search algorithm. These techniques are able to draw the user onboarding process, with high simulation to his way of thinking and logic.

Why chatbots are a successful investment for       customer services

Flexible channel

The chatbot is a flexible channel in dealing with customer concerns directly online. It offers a very responsive process while proposing services or responding to users’ questions.

Viral integration

It has a viral integration with all devices and systems. They send virtual assistance in terms of texts that go through a laptop, mobile app, websites….  It is a quite responsive and dynamic tool.

Alleviate human pressure

Dealing with non-steady behaviors and various requests 24/7 is a daunting task for human abilities. This may cause a bad psychological impact on the employee or lead to customer dissatisfaction.

However, automated assistance could solve all these issues within customizable services.  Without causing any stress as the programmed machine will handle the task. 

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CRM tool

Any industry seeks to develop its CRM.  For this task, the chatbot could help in generating multiple data about customer needs and requests.

This helps in offering more advanced services in the future and secures customer satisfaction. 

Fast and responsive

Chatbots are very responsive in terms of direct messaging with users. Since they are already prepared for the most FAQ that users could search for.

Therefore, the user doesn’t wait a long time for getting his answer. By reducing the waiting time rate, the UX is also will get improved.

Pleasant process

Since they are machines, people like to test their abilities in determining their requests.  And excited to know how they could offer an efficient answer. Added to that many companies use funny expressions to enjoy the user. take the example of slack bot

‘’ I am still a bot but I will do my best to answer your questions if I didn’t understand I will leave the mission to the Help Center” It confirms its machine nature but it makes you feel you are talking to a human being. which is quite cool.”

 How Chatbot would be in the future

More human

Try to put more emotion and use keywords that highly related to human nature. Use expressions that make the user feel that he is talking to humankind,  rather than an automated machine without emotions. 

Voice search learning

Voice search is a pretty considerable element to improve the user search journey.  Thus the chatbot should highly consider that during the automation phase to be able to identify the different user requests and accents. 

Google has updated  BERT with the latest search algorithm to better understand natural language. After the release of RankBrain, Google has improved the search queries by introducing the BERT algorithm that helps in understanding the Natural language in the voice search and the written keywords to offer more relevant search results.

Right now it is only dealing with the English language and it is expected to have more understanding of all languages.

Visually appealing 

People like the appearance before the content, thus the chatbot needs to be personalized with amazing design. It should compromise between assistance and visual entertainment.

More Natural Language Understanding

Companies should boost the NLU of these chatbots for being a multilingual content master. With unlimited keywords and expressions instead of standard pre-set responses.

Business proposals and quotations learning

Chatbots are predicted to be more functional in a business proposal and customer acquisition for the B2B industry.

For this concern, we will notice that some processes will be run via chatbots. Such as agreements, quotations, consultant…

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Further Domain specificity learning

Since chatbots are extensively used by the majority of digital domains ( e-commerce, healthcare, online booking, fashion, Finance…).

Chatbots should go in-depth of each domain and come up with all its content milestones,  to deliver a very helpful service.

CTA button

The user may be interested in something else rather than what you intend to deliver in the conversation. Thus you need to offer more relevant CTA buttons that take him to another destination in regards to his search path.

More integration with third-party API

Online platforms  need to be more integrated with the different and innovative third-party API ( Geolocation, weather, Time…) To assist the user with an efficient response to his request.

Chatbot for HR and recruiting purposes

By 2020, people will conduct interviews with a chatbot while applying for a new job and they will carry the employee onboarding through it as well.

More health assistance on the go

Users don’t like to visit doctors for simple illnesses.  They prefer simple assistance with knowledgeable consultancy.

Thus Chatbots are going furthermore in this industry with more advanced medical solutions.

Banking transactions are more effective via Chatbot

Banks will provide you with more comfortable processes at your place. 

You will send and receive money, create a bank account and more financial services using chatbots.  Customers will experience more advanced functions of this automated machine, especially in the services sector.

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What are the most famous software companies that offer chatbot solutions


Dialogflow by google  

Of course, Google is the most known provider for this kind of service. It allows you from a seamless and free trial.

Many industries rely on Google Dialogflow to create their virtual assistants to deal with their customers.

It offers a wide range of integrations and easy steps to create.


It has been built in 2015. It tends to help businesses to develop Facebook messenger bots with easy and functional solutions that keep them more interactive with their audiences.


This company offers very smart IT solutions for various sectors. For chatbot, they offer customizable AI solutions for e-commerce, user engagement, and customer assistance.  Due to their pool of experts, they offer functional Chatbot across different platforms.


The most important thing about Aivo is the versatile chatbot capabilities it introduced to the market. As an agent, looking for info or searching for any kind of inquiries, You will find different chatbots alternatives that fit the business you run with pretty advanced UX.

Hidden Brains    

Hidden Brain adopts trending tools and frameworks to deal with chatbot development. They reach a significant stage in offering compelling design and advanced chatbot creation for several businesses.

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After dealing with the above information, it is no longer a matter of choice, instead. the chatbot has become a Must for businesses if they want to remain competitive.  See you guys ;

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