How the data warehousing will be a business currency?

The data that we receive from different sources are the core of our business existence. Without them, we couldn’t survive the industry. For marketers data are the fuel of any action or strategy they elaborate.

Thus in this article, we will reveal interesting features that will change your way of thinking. here we go!

What is a data warehouse? 

A data warehouse is a kind of repository or an archive of all the fulfilments related to your business, the current, and previous ones. 

 It combines qualitative and quantitative data as well. What is special about this process is that you will gather all the information in one place and allow you intelligent reports and analysis that will help you in a way or in another to reinforce your future marketing thinking. 

These data could be gathered per month or per year to make sure that you collect reliable references in regard to consistent standards. 

In that way, you facilitate data access and analysis for the marketing team.  Once you want to evaluate, develop, or study your target group, these data will be a precious gift to run that task.

Because from that archive you as a marketer or as a business owner, you could esteem how your target will react toward your future plan. and learn how it is worthy to release a product or service for particular users in regard to their behavior history. 

From where you get these data 

Data are everywhere but you need to mine to get them. So you could gather data from:

  1.  CRM system that deals with customer inquiries and requirements.
  2.  Social media platforms, try to observe user interactions with your brand. 
  3. Cookies are relevant to examine the user movement on your website and beyond
  4. Surveys are a great direct source of data
  5. Emails and newsletters are good channels to go through to measure performance and content reachability
  6. Offline sources are useful too, you could observe the social change, your community complains…, sometimes a personal problem or sudden case in the bus station may lead to a billion of solutions and ideas for your business.

 Never stop at the structural and standard sources of information,  try many possibilities 🙂   

What are the useful tools to store your data? 

In the past, companies used the hard archive to store their data, but when time passing by they realize that manual data storing are vulnerable to many damages and loss as it could include human errors. 

 Today people use online servers that treat, transfer, integrate and preserve the different data with a smart reporting and analytical process. let’s list these tools : 

The common advantages of these tools: 

– These data clouds facilitate data processing and management

– Provide testing solutions

– Deal with complex data

– Speedup the data transfer  

– Refine the data quality

– Provide intelligent reports and analysis. 

– Simplify data integration 

– Data segmentation

Data warehouse architecture  


Data storing process

How data storing paves the way to the future digital marketing 


Big brands are already on the way

Due to its importance for the AI industry and digital acquisition, big brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google lay on the different data centers they held in different countries in the world to nurture their organizations.     

 Google’s last data center has been in Danmark and other brands adopted the same path to hold the global market shares.    

Advanced analysis  infrastructure 

This data’s tracking line is the future resource that guarantees the online business existence in a world full of competition. Information quality and user monitoring are the next digital marketing generation. 

These data stocks will help you in evaluating your performance and compare the profitability behind your campaigns. 

For instance, you will have a clear vision about your source of power and weaknesses in terms of internal resources, market opportunities, departments, as these tools provide you with easy and smart analysis for your performance in terms of numbers and figures.

Smart advertising resource 

As a marketer, you will anticipate the customers’ habits and needs due to their frequent behaviors line that you draw. 

You will have compelling data about their daily lifestyles what they eat, what they drink when they have a break, Which Instagram posts they like when they switch-off the Facebook page, How long their messenger call stays… and more than.

Thus, you will be able to offer look like products/ services that your customers will definitely purchase. In other words, you will increase the conversion rate by laying on sophisticated reports. 

Market research tool 

When you want to add a new business extension or you want to conduct a market study.  You will look back to the data inventory that you built years ago. That inventory sums up the different facts and market funnels you dealt with in one place. 

These preserved data will be exceptionally useful to build on them your strategy. They will provide you with deep penetration to the different market figures and that would shortcut the process.

Flashback before foreshadowing 

Customer behaviors are changing But we as businesses or marketers are responsible for that change.

We observe them,  pointing their unconscious needs and interpret their behaviors during a long cycle.  

Then we find new ideas that fill a gap in the market or highlight a future need and try to prepare an optimal solution for it.

These reports, not just words and information, draw you a map for the user model in the past, now, and how it would be in the future. And you will observe and note the reaction and the transition mood that users expressed each time they witness new experiences.  

How dangerous these data are

We all hear about the Facebook scandal when it appears that they supervise the personal conversations between users and how they build a huge database using personal information. This was just a drop of water in an ocean. 

Major digital companies around the globe use personal data to build revenues because the private conversations and hidden information are more realistic and spontaneous and they can rely on. 

A trading material

Most of our communications and transactions for professional or personal purposes occur online. Booking, learning, banking, election, subscription… 

Many companies buy and sell these data stocks for commercial purposes. This may lead to community distractions, political disputes, or hacking for particular sensitive sectors. 

It is illegal but you don’t know if that travel agency or website server burns your information once you quit the platform or they store it for other purposes. 

Therefore, in the coming years, people will live under data struggle. The more data a company gathers the more powerful and more market monitoring it will have.

Privacy infringement 

When Facebook sends you a souvenir about 3 years ago, You feel nostalgic because you already forgot that day. Nice feeling and thank you Facebook for cherishing our memories more than we do. 

But do you think that Facebook company has only that information about you or it puts these data randomly? how that could be with billions of users around the world? 

In fact, they have a database for each person, industry, country, community,  throughout likes dislikes, mentions, follow, post themes, frequent activity online…

Because they need this information to develop their services and to anticipate your future. 

We couldn’t deny that in terms of ads and management Facebook has offered a wide range of advantages and helped to increase the ROI of different industries.  It helps you to target only a specific user category that is interested in your business, especially while running surveys. 

But when you think as an individual, of course, you will feel uncomfortable while someone else is spying on your calls or messages. 

The idea from that is to be close to user thinking to offer him a convenient solution that positively makes a difference in his life or business and not spying his privacy.


Well after dealing with this concept, we find that it is a relative process and may lead to different results depending on its use. Now let me know how much this article helped you to learn new ideas.  See you. 😉  

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