How to apply a writing brainstorming, once you feel stuck?

Many writers face those blocking moments when they seek for sth new to write about. But when they look around, they find that all their SEO ideas, marketing tips, and tutorials are already consumed. And they don’t have a creative subject to write about.
Oups it happens to everyone, you are not an exception. 😉 Don’t worry, carry on reading and discover how to manage this situation once it happens to you. 

Forget about writing

Before thinking about creating new content, you need to think about your health and your psychology.  Since you feel powerless but you press on your mind to bring sth new. You would generate nothing, just over stress and mental destruction.

Why?  because your brain is over-thinking but without a purpose. in other words, you are living the assumption of doing or producing sth. However, you are just burning your thoughts for nothing. that’s a big trouble that many content writers fall into it.

Bear in mind that writing is like design, drawing and any artistic domain. Thus, you require peace in mind and to feed your thoughts to bring creative content.

Thus we invite you to forget about the task itself. do anything else except writing. Water the plants, wash the dishes, apply for vacation or arrange your desk. watch a youtube video the last season of Game of Thrones.

But don’t keep your focus on that point. Then you would observe how this will help you to be a more productive, yet creative person.

Spot the light on details in your writing 

Content writers, in most cases, used to think about big topics in their industries. Which is hard to manage if you are a beginner. Try to deal with the issue from your perspective.
In other words, think in a different way about the idea.

Don’t follow others’ editorial line 

Imitating what others do will not ensure that you are creating good content. It may work for a while but couldn’t build a brand name.

Try to create your own line with your ideas. Then, people will think about you as a credible source of information.

Fresh up your old content

Usually, have a look at your old content and update it.  It may have important subjects.  But the information or the keywords that you put are no longer trendy or searched. Thus you need to revamp some ideas.
It seems tricky to go back and adjust sth already posted. But this is among the most useful methods to reach optimization in search results.
This point is quite related to content retargeting. Well, I want to tell you that retargeting is not about re-posting your content.
You could change the article that has been receiving many likes or comments in a video format. You may put some infographics or change some paragraphs. …
 It is not about changing the whole article or content. Just try to update what is no longer suitable for the current phase.  

Target less competitive keywords in your writing 

If you are writing as an independent writer or inside a company. I invite you to save your target keywords in a spreadsheet and prepare content around them.
Google planner is quite helpful to determine the search volume of the keywords.  The keyword everywhere is also a smart yet free tool. It reveals all search volumes for the different queries that you put.  

In both cases, try to target less competitive keywords as the optimization rate will be higher.

Answer the public is your super angel 

This tool is among the best tool that I like. It gives you unlimited suggestions for different types of keywords. And associated with many prepositions.
It gives you the search volume, CPC, and competition volume for each statement.  It nurtures your mind and brings you some new ideas to cover.

Think about google

Once you don’t have a new idea to write about.  Try to hit any keyword in google and look at the different suggestions in the search box. Or look below to the end of the SERP and observe the suggested topics.
It helps in a certain way 🙂

Never forget people’s comments

When you finish watching a video on youtube or reading an article.  Don’t leave straight.  Look at people’s feedback and comments.
Many comments could offer a bunch of suggestions. These suggestions help you to shape a clear vision about how people think and what are they looking for. 

This is a useful tool and people get benefit from it.  Try it, it is free and accessible

Ubersuggest is a top tool to identify the top keywords you are ranked for

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool to evaluate your actual articles positioning and the top keywords you are ranking for. It helps you to know what are people most like to read when they stand at your page.

MOZ is an awesome tool

This software company keeps stunning the audience.  Due to the different ideas, they share in their blog posts or Friday whiteboard session. Each time you access the website you would find a new article that deals with SEO Stuff.
All these sessions bring creative solutions to the community. Thus I recommend this website.

Reddit & Wikipedia are nice partners

Well if you reach a point where you couldn’t write anymore. Reddit and Wikipedia will overload your canvas with a long tail of ideas.
Using Reddit you will find many links for different types of keywords and subjects to start with. 

Wikipedia is a thoughtful platform where you could compare keywords. It provides links for many other sources. Where you will find helpful resources to start writing. 

Ask the team to edit or to contribute 

Even if you are the only person who is responsible for the editorial department in the company.  This doesn’t mean that other team members couldn’t contribute or write about sth.
 You could ask your colleagues to assist you. Using a particular subject related to their domains.  Usually, the domain experts are a precious source to inspire from. 


Let me know if you find one of these statements beneficial to your business. I wish I could help on a certain level. see you next time 😉
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