How to choose the best incentives for your audience?

Gifts are essential to keep your customers loyal to your brand. In this generation, these behaviors are considered an inevitable marketing tool.

But in some cases, you don’t directly reach your target, the only medium between you is a virtual screen especially for virtual services. So what you will do in this case?

Why marketers find difficulty in selecting the right gift for their target?

Simply, because people used to appreciate tangible items much more than virtual ones. They think the concrete elements add value to their lives more than virtual gifts can do. Such as a make-up box, bloc-note, pens, accessories…Because people, in general, are more attached to the feel & touch spirit in life.

If you are an entrepreneur or interested in online business, for sure you have seen one of Tai Lopez’s videos while selecting a reward for his fans and they are usually precious gifts and vary btw Lamborghini cars, money…  People are enjoying the competitions and his business is continuously in progress due to these incentives and he is getting viral popularity across the digital network but of course, he is offering amazing content as well, thus he is a successful influencer

But you know sth,  we can do further, with virtual gifts. even if they are not as expensive as Lamborghini cars;).  In this context, we brought you such awesome ideas to reward your customers without being concerned with what would be the gift, how much it will cost you and how to do it. Here we go!!!

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What are the different types of online incentives you can offer?


A popular and effective method has been used by major online brands to reward their customers and enhance brand popularity.

If you are conducting an online business and you don’t have tangible items to dispatch for your customers.  Offer them coupons to buy sth cheaper or during a discount.  But make sure that the coupons have really to do with your target’s concerns.

Imagine that your targets are young girls between 14-25 and you send them coupons codes to buy cleaning discount.  It may work for their mothers but not directly for them. Therefore you need to be more focus on their areas of interests and offer what really matches their needs and to reach the “Aha” moment  😉

Netflix gift card

This is a quite trending way to reward your customers to watch an unlimited number of new movies. and series. Just try to understand your user’s or customers’ preferences and go for it. Why not ask them about their choice to be more certain. 


This method is quite relevant for online marketers,  who used to give tutorials and instructions about marketing rules and structures.  They find this type of reward a great solution to go through for leveraging sth valuable for their targets.  Especially the expensive ebooks, that for some people are hard to afford.

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Video thanking

You may prepare a video that includes your customer pictures. Or the best comments history they have put for you. Then, edit a video around these themes to say ”Thank You” to your targets. These are very tiny details but they help in improve your business personality and being closer to your audience.

3rd party platform

These platforms are really helpful.  They are devoted to people who want to motivate participants to answer their survey.  Or during a marketing campaign.

We find that many survey builders face difficulty to reach as many participants as they need.  And the harder thing is to encourage them to answer their questions.

Thus these  3rd party platforms allow the survey builder to reward his participants through multiple solutions. That guarantees participant satisfaction and business goals attainment.

They provide a wide range of rewards such as visa virtual reward, virtual MasterCard, virtual gift card, or offer different options and allow the customer to choose.

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Among these platforms, you could rely on  

The last one is more dedicated to online payment management around the world. So if your customer is in another place in the world far from yours, these solutions would help in bridging the gap. 

Linkedin premium membership:

If you are targeting professional users who are digitally savvy. Linkedin membership would be a great alternative to entice them to subscribe, download an ebook, checklist… So to be more focus,  this incentive would be more efficient with people who are interested in the digital domain and use LinkedIn as a digital tool to look for job opportunities, to market for their profiles…

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What you should do before issuing the gift you will forward?

You need to ask yourself a few questions before and you should find relevant answers for them. Otherwise, all your plans will go down.

  • What really motivates your target?
  • What is missing them right now?
  • To what extent your gift will add value for them?
  • What is the best time to leverage the gift?

These questions are dramatically important to consider if you want to guarantee your business success.

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Now I would like to thank you for this gift-break that we spent together.  For me, the best gift I could bring for you is to keep offering valuable information that helps you develop your business return.  See you 😉


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