How to choose the best Marketing Automation Software for your business ?

Digital companies use the  Marketing Automation Software ( MAS) as a savvy channel to organize and track their marketing campaigns. But within the billions of software companies that offer these services.  It has become a tough task to choose the right tool. 

Below are some features that you need to consider before purchasing a particular software, especially for beginners.

Why MAS is an inevitable tool to nurture your business

Digital marketing is highly related to trends.  Thus you must be on the page otherwise you will lose the target’s attention.  Also dealing with multiple tasks is a daunting job for human capabilities.

Therefore a third party software will handle the different marketing activities such as: 

  • Campaign creation 
  • Customer behavior analysis 
  • Customer retention
  • Social marketing…

All these figures are associated with reliable statistics and real-time alerts. Using such a tool helps in increasing ROI. Yet reduces hassle on the marketing team.  Instead of being burned with multiple tasks. They will have more focus on work improvement. 

How to choose the best performant Marketing Automation Software for your company


1) Technical features


Intuitive interface

Easy to use interface with a clear map and menu tab are important criteria. Because you want to simplify the process to your team and for you as well. 

Complicated software with an overloaded interface will make you feel uncomfortable and unable to master your work.


You need to manage your tasks from different screens;  (via mobile, tab, or pc,) Thus you should have the same level of performance and  UX. So Devices and OS adaptability is a significant feature.

Personalized templates

To fit all your marketing purposes.  The software needs to provide you with appealing and various templates. In order to serve your marketing goals and distribution channels with the same rate of creativity. 

Make sure that pleasant design is a must-have element for the current marketing generation.

Easy team share

The marketing team may include many members. In some cases,  different departments may contribute to the same project. Therefore you need to have a shareable and interactive platform that guarantees a flexible workflow.


Of course, the software affordability is the most impactful feature and you need to follow your budget.  Especially if you are a newbie and you run your company with limited resources. Before spending money.   Try to compare the membership cost with the functions the software will offer. 

Also, try to consider your needs. Because in some cases you purchase the MAS service package at a high price. However some features you don’t really need. or your company’s current situation not concerned with these services.

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2) Marketing features

Lead scoring and profiling

The major function that marketers look for is lead scoring. They want to know the source of the leads they get. And to what extent the content reflects their needs. If the marketing software secures these data.   It will be much easier for businesses to segment their target into very qualified leads.

Email campaign management

Make sure that the software is able to handle the different email campaigns from A to Z. I mean that it should provide a smart flow for the email marketing campaign.  With relevant analysis and effective schedule. To secure high in-reach.

Message customization

Marketing Automated software should offer multiple types of messages. That fit the different types of content and channels. It needs to nurture your audience with appealing and personalized messages.  For emails, social media posts, subscription…

Landing page crafting

Since the landing page is the most important location to convert. Marketing Automated Software must help in offering quite personalized content and nice-looking visuals for the different kinds of landing pages it prompts.

A/B testing

This function is not restricted only to the development of programming, you could try A/B testing for your campaign and find out the work echo within your audience. Therefore, MAS is expected to offer A/B Testing tools for different marketing layers.


Communication behind the camera or in front is crucial to secure long customer attachment.  You need to collect data about customers’ concerns to fuel their expectations smartly  So try to choose the most intelligent software for these issues.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time notifications about the campaign or audience performance are necessary to keep the marketer on the track to the ads flow. Providing these notifications in terms of chart or visual assets would be a nice solution.


 Informative reports about the different activities by determining weak areas with improvement suggestions are significant functions. These reports help you as a marketer to find strengths and weaknesses and learn how to deal with them in the future.

Major recommended Marketing Automated Softwares right now

We agree that there are many other performant software companies but we want to focus on the most successful ones that guarantee the mentioned functions above.  


This is a leading company in this field and has reached a peak in terms of service quality. It offers expensive services  but it provides effective solutions


Sharpspring is another powerful platform that focuses on delivering omniscient marketing solutions. to fit the business category. The brilliant features are its affordable prices and integration with different platforms.


This company has super-customizable solutions for a variety of business categories.  These creative solutions are associated with affordable and transparent demo packages depend on your business requirements.


An interactive platform offers challenging solutions with high customization that enhance community engagement. The company is organized by a team of experts that secure robust branding and ROI.


Tell us about your experience if it happened that you dealt with a particular software company and what kind of solutions you expect. See you 😉

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