How to ensure your email HIGH reachability and increase the ROI

We have reached a very advanced digital era in terms of tools variety and techniques advancement, But email marketing still has the best of both worlds. We may no longer use some traditional marketing tools, but we couldn’t stop emailing. 

Why small businesses must keep using emails  

A very legitimate contact process to start a deal

For B2B, email marketing is the best practice to showcase your business and advertise for your product. It represents your company in a very formal way including the different information and services that you intend to offer. 

An affordable channel

Small businesses prefer email marketing as it is an affordable and performant tool without any spending required. Instead, People keep winning from that tool and turn the budget to develop other marketing tools that need a paid membership.  

An easy way to raise brand awareness

When it comes to company news and content distribution, emails are the most appropriate channel to go through. You could send a wide range of content, advertising for an event, spread exclusive information,  promote seasonal discount … etc

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A direct professional communication tool

We all start our working day by checking our email boxes first, we receive the updates, send ours and check previous requests… Then we move to other tasks. People rely on their email updates thus you get a high response rate over other tools. 

Email is a smart way to contact your prospects and buyer personas, who definitely want to know more about your brand, before making a purchase. 

Studies show that online users prefer to buy from a pre-known brand rather than a brand that they haven’t dealt with before, or they don’t know anything about it in advance. 

On the other hand, emails represent very formal tools that certify brand legitimacy and content delivery. 

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A profitable approach  for B2C marketing

When individual customers register for loyalty programs. That represents a great opportunity to generate their emails and send them your offers, coupons, promotion, free offers… 

People enjoy this type of information and they share it fast around their network  especially via mobile and social accounts. 

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A Source of traffic to the web page

Users that subscribe to your newsletter are qualified leads and look for your news and offers. They will keep displaying and interacting with your content as long as you offer a valuable subject.  This flow of visitors will improve your traffic and leads to your landing page and website as well. As a result, you will optimize your pages on SERP. 

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Tips to earn revenues from your emails 

Invest in visual resources

Images with high-quality traits are in a permanent request, people enjoy featured images associated with an email or blog post. It has a huge effect on attracting their attention, engagement, and CTR. 

Make sure that your email is visually appealing so that it attracts user attention and pleasing him while reading or exploring your offer.

Subject Title

The first item attracts customers and prospects is the subject title. if you didn’t put a catchy and interesting title he will eventually skip it. 

Avoid boring phrases and try to rise-up his areas of interest while reading. 

Ex ‘’ do you know the reason why….’’  Have you ever thought about …., Come to  discover our new…, Discover the 7 benefits of…” 

While doing that, you entice his curiosity to carry on discovering your offer. 

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Dynamic tone

Try to use cool and dynamic language, use nice greeting and be more approachable to your audience. Avoid the stuck feeling and lessen tutorials. 

If you couldn’t engage the readers’ senses and psychologies, then you couldn’t oblige them to read your content. Because you are virtually working and they simply could skip your email.

Here is the power of marketing; How to make people admire your content and open your email with passion because they enjoy the way you are addressing a particular subject more than the subject itself. Make them smile when they read your email rather than archive it. 

I want to tell you my experience with this kind of messages, once I forgot my password the admin sent me the link with this title ‘’ It happens to everyone, don’t worry’’ with funny emojis. 

It seems simple but I used to receive emotion-free messages like this one. ‘’ Click this link to change your password”. 

However, this software company humanizes the communication and that makes it memorable for me. we know that bots or System send these messages, but the admin behind that left the human trace 😉 

This is the core idea is to make your audience memorizes your brand name even in the simplest things and messages. 

 Error messages are a significant occasion to do that well and to be different from others in cherishing user emotions.

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Text structure

Avoid boring block content in the email, keep some breeze for the reader so he can understand the core message without too much effort  ;). 

Do not put long-tail content, because the reader is running in daily life and he wants the shortest content with all details at once. It is a  hard formula, but you should apply it in your email. 

Put complete contact details

Highlight your contact links and image so the reader gets to know your identity. 

Put your image with the available contacts as well as your social accounts.

In that way, people will trust you more and engage with your email once they find your photo, job title and contact details on the bottom of your email. 

Added to that these details are important to rise E.A.T standards of Search engines once you spread your identity over and around your area of expertise 

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Clear CTA

As we said before in our previous article about the landing page (link). The CTA is an elementary section for your business. 

When you send an email, try to put a clear CTA button with a relevant destination. To achieve the goal behind easily. 

Try to be clear in terms of your CTA button position and page destination once the user clicks on. 

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Don’t be too spammy

Email marketing is not about quantity, instead, it is about quality. We invite you to not overwhelm your email subscribers with annoying messages. In that way, they will consider it as spam and will definitely cancel their subscription. Because their box-letter is full of unimportant yet useless messages. The idea is to avoid disturbing them with useless thoughts.  right 😉 

Schedule your emails

To refresh the previous point we invite you to follow the timing strategy to send your content. Don’t work randomly, send emails with an organized plan so that you educate your followers during peak time. 

For example 3 times a week, but make sure that you are sending something valuable not just irritating the same ideas. 

Select day times that give your email more opportunities to be reached.  For example in the first working hours in the morning, people are full focus and they are more likely to open your email. 

Avoid sending your email at night or during the last working hours.  People are being exhausted from working day hours, probably they will not open it ( we know that 😉 ). And the next day they will find plenty of emails filling their boxes and yours will be archived on the bottom. 

Another tip I want to draw your attention to is that  If your audiences are living in different places from yours.  Try to consider that and send the message in relevant time, Now you can schedule your email and while you are sleeping your email would be sent at the right time.  

Widen your email list.

Never miss an opportunity to collect as many emails as possible. Use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and events that you attend….  Try to advertise for your brand In a permanent approach. 

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Get Profit from your competitors ( Don’t spy)  😉  

Try to respond to other company’s content and provide followers with relevant answers. That astonishes them to look behind you and your business as well. You could also subscribe to the rival newsletter to learn from and deliver sth better than his. 

Keep measuring the KPI

Measure your email metrics continuously to identify user feedback and your content relevance, such as the bounce rate, the open rate CTR… To improve what is missing and avoid non-functional areas. That way helps in improving your email campaign continuously. 

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Wrap up

This was all about email marketing, fr now, if you have any feedback it would be a pleasure to hear. see you 😉 


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