How to raise user engagement by implementing A/B testing?

Evaluation and testing are a lifelong necessity for designers and developers as well. They keep testing the product echo many times to guarantee the super performance of their output.

So let’s learn together about the A/B testing method and its best tools.

What is A/B testing in brief

A/B testing is to test the water with your application design or your website development. Its purpose is to determine the pros and cons of two versions that refer to the same item. It is an important phase that any online business should go through to determine the relevancy of a particular style in regard to the ultimate goal.

Why A/B testing is an inevitable step  for business success

The relevance is obvious about securing the performance, But let’s go in depth to visualize the different reasons behind that necessity. 

– Evaluate the design flow and how much the UI is supporting the UX.

– Measure the Touch & Feel level 

– Test the code functionality 

– Test the adaptability of the website or app with the target devices  

– Anticipate the user feedback toward some buttons or menus.

– Decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion.

– Avoid customer disappointment and recover poor areas earlier

– Raise potential engagement in your target group.

– Meet the expectations and eliminate frictions.   

What are the different elements on which you could apply A/B testing 

In business usually we need to test any new step we press, and for software companies, A/B testing is a daily routine as the whole system is correlated to an algorithm and virtual network. so you could test:

  •   Website
  •   Mobile app
  •   Software
  •   Landing page
  •   UI
  •   Content
  •   Codes
  •  Contact form
  •  Subscription
  •   Integration with social media
  •   Marketing campaign

[….] and the list is going on.

Now let’s give you an overview of the best A/B testing tools

This approach seems exhaustive and needs much time to handle, but it is worthy to do so as it ensures your goals fulfillment. Now many companies offer these services with determined pricing pack. 


This platform refers to Neil Patel the digital marketer influencer, he provides numerous solutions for A/B testing on his website. Thanks to its javascript library, it helps you set-up your test and get-back determined report for it.  And that has a great impact on customer acquisition and conversions.

A/B Tasty

Another professional company that offers reliable reports for your business. It delivers qualified statements about your business and helps in optimizing your content in regard to various metrics. The company also has an editor that compromises with the different modern JS frameworks.


Unbounce has very applicable solutions for landing page optimization and rising conversion. It represents a very helpful tool for digital marketers. It helps in determining the content adequacy and potential engagement with a friendly interface. Its key values are Build – Convert and Optimize thus many marketers frequently use it.

Google Analysis Experiments/ Google analysis marketing platform

Added to its data analysis services, Google offers also A/B Testing solutions with its “Experiment” platform. You could test more than one version for a single page and it forwards them from separate URL to different users. It gives also the advantage of integrating these solutions with other related platforms such as AdWords, Data studio and Optimizes to offer a complete testing report.

Adobe target

There is no doubt that this card from adobe digital marketing cloud has been recognized as top testing tools for many marketers. Adobe Target runs testing services for your different online content. It brings you a full report with optimizing suggestions to turn your business into 5 stars alternative. This advanced testing tools help in duplicating marketing revenues without being overwhelmed.


It is a worthy alternative to go through. Maximizer offers marketers very optimized solutions to test different types of online tasks. Maybe the major appreciated feature for Maximizer is its ability to deal with easy and multivariate page tests. Personalization and data-driven are the major pillars for page testings with maximizer.

The common feature between all these companies is their racing to offer more customizable yet optimized services. Therefore, they keep offering upscaling UX with efficient data-driven to help you as marketers or developers to reach the peak of your business goals.

Wrap up

Now let me Know if you have ever tried A/B testing tools and how was convenient the result.  See you 😉




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