How to run a dropshipping website in easy steps

Dropshipping is one of the most known passive business models. It has amplified the income of many people, in a paperless process, hassle-free, and without spending too much money. 

What is the right definition of dropshipping

Dropshipping is a new form of selling tangible products without holding an inventory or warehouse. You will showcase product features and people will order through your page.  

You‘ll not stock the product simply because the factory or the supplier will ship the product directly to the customer’s address. In other words, you would be a middleman but a bit different from the traditional concept. 

You are not asked to rent a warehouse, moving boxes, or recruit people to arrange the merchandise.

To start this business you need just an Internet connection, PC, and website to show the products you intend to sell.  You don’t need a huge capital to start.  

The nice thing about dropshipping is that you are free to set the pricing bracket.  You will pay the supplier the initial value of the product and the rest of the profit would be yours.

The only thing you are concerned with is to have an appealing website or page and that’s easy.  Now there are massive platforms that help in building different website categories for free.  Among these tools, we have  Wix, Weebly,  Voog, Shopify …

Today people are using also  Facebook and Instagram pages to promote the product they sell.  They get high revenues and approachable contact with customers via instant messages. 

That process is very profitable and easy to manage especially for those who are not digitally savvy to master a website.

How to succeed your business in dropshipping 


  • Appealing website

Of course, you need to invest in the visual resources and the UX on your website so that users keep visiting and buying. Because if the first impression wasn’t inviting,  online shoppers will not buy or recommend your website on their reviews. Thus it is crucial to respect the users’ tastes in terms of visuals assets and UX. 

  • Clear landing page map 

Make sure that the landing page is quite relevant to the purpose behind the user’s visit.

Make it clear and define the CTA button in a relevant position so that users can easily convert.

Whether the landing page is for contact, buy, call or signup, the important thing is to serve those goals with relevant decoration and content.

  • Full product description and frequent update 

To enhance the purchase experience, you need to provide your customers with complete information about the product you are selling. 

The product name, size, what is good for, reference, colors, available in stock or not…

Because what really harms the online purchase experience is to adore sth on the website and when you ask for it you don’t find.  Especially if the product unavailability is not mentioned. 

  • Easy to order and easy to pay

Customers hate long-path buying approach or complicated payment stuff. Where they are asked to submit many details.  To keep them on the right orientation, provide easy ordering steps, with few details and one button to forward the order. 

For the payment phase, some customers prefer POD, as their financial network doesn’t work well. Or maybe because they don’t want to pay until they hold the product in hands. 

This is quite common in MENA regions for example where eCommerce is soaring fast but people still like the payment on delivery. 

  • Product Return 

Make sure to clearly identify the approval duration to return a product, and record that on the conditions and policy of sale on the website. 

These practices will bring you peace of mind because the product return is frequent yet very common among customers. 

Because sometimes the item’s photo doesn’t match what users expect in reality, and since you are not controlling the inventory, these problems are very common to deal with.

  • Tracking and direct contact

When a customer asks for product details or he orders an item online. Don’t forget to be back to him and confirm his request in a direct call.

why? because in that way you ensure your professional sights and let users feel confident and trust. even if he sent just an inquiry. Try to ask him about his preference, and how was the assistance, or did he find the right answer that he was looking for.

Thanks to that good impression he will appreciate that and take it into consideration once he wants to buy sth.

  • Social media marketing

To ensure your business success in dropshipping you need to make people know about you and being familiar with your products and even you in person.

You used to publish products, sales & discounts, but don’t forget that people are curious and they want to know more about the personal image of that admin or seller.

You may post from time to time your coffee break with friends,  lunch-time, behind scene working style, a live video of how you process an order…

People are no longer interested in the product’s final image that brands show. Because they know that all images would be similar in perfections, as all brands work on that purpose.

However, today’s generation wants to know and be a part of the process and know how to reach that result. They have a great appetite for that type of content.

Whatever? the essential is to make them witness how things are going on.

What are the advantages of this business


  • Less capital

Compared to other projects, it is very affordable in terms of capital and stuff. It doesn’t require that big investment. 

Your charges would be the web hosting and domain purchase and these are easy to do so.

On the other hand, in the dropshipping business, you are not supposed to buy the product unless it is ordered through your website.

So no extra-charge or concerns about the product distribution if there is no demand.

  • Relevant job for non-social people 

If you feel bored with direct conversations or don’t like to deal with people constantly. This will be a relevant solution for you as it doesn’t require any of the mentioned tasks. So you keep enjoying restful business behind your screen. 

  • Break with the standard working style 

Since it is an online business, you could run it anywhere, in the living room, on your bed, in the garden, or even in a coffee shop.

This flexibility is very attractive to get rid of the traditional job routine where you are obliged to remain in a particular position for hours. 

Also, you can run this business while keeping your current job. so you can double your income easily. That’s why it is a preferable business for many. 

  • The mum’s perfect income solutions

Many mums quit their job or they don’t work at all because they couldn’t compromise between family duties and work responsibilities. Or they just don’t like to leave their children at an early age with the babysitter. 

So this business model will help Mums to generate incomes without leaving their children or feeling guilty toward them when they leave them long hours as it is the case in the traditional job.

  • Easy to upgrade your revenues 

Once you prove your reliability, product quality and delivery in time, you will definitely succeed.  

You will increase your sales without extra-charges as the suppliers would assume all related stuff to the packaging and  the delivery

It is just a question of networking and coordination.  

The dropshipping key matters


  • The profit bracket may not be encouraging

You may say, “but you’ve just said that we could generate high revenues” yes it is! but unless you invest in a very niche market. 

For example, if you start your dropshipping business in a very competitive field you will not immediately generate high revenues. 

You will need to spend a bit on your website optimization to compete with others’.

Added to the intensive marketing campaigns that you may be in charge of,  in order to make people know about you. 

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  • The stock issues

Since you don’t have an inventory, and the supplier is assigned for that. You may face stock shortage or limitation and he may not inform you about the product status. ( available, limited, unavailable..) 

This issue may lead to many problems and complexity within order conformity or delay in the delivery.


  • The delivery 

If you don’t deal with reliable and professional suppliers you may face one of these matters, bad packaging standards, broken products, bad delivery conditions, different products… 

Because you will not observe the packaging or supervise the product situation.

You need to be careful about these issues as it could break your reputation. 

  • Increase the psychological barriers

This may not be important for some people but it happens. Since you are not dealing directly with people. This may lead to communication issues once you want to start an offline business. 

Why? Because your body language and behind-screen attitudes will prevent you from expressing yourself adequately or achieving particular deals.

So pay attention to these things.


This was all about the dropshipping business we wish that we were able to help you understand this business concept and why not to start your career now. see you guys 😉

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