Meet TOUCAN the HR system powered by LBS

Toucan is an internal product developed by our team to manage HR concerns. We raise the concept of our internal need for a system to manage the HR department.  with an intuitive approach and creative solutions.

The core idea that we highly focus, is the staff motivation, which represents the main target behind that.  Try to learn more about Toucan in this article.

What is the name background

Toucan refers to the bird that has a long-colorful bill and lives in the tropical forest. It is very unique and special that’s why it is very marked.

What is special about this bird,  it adapts fast ( it manages the body temperature, pick fruits with his bill) and lives in folks not alone. 

This difference added to many other characteristics inspired us to use the bird name and features as the project identity.

Overall control to your company 

Who can keep controlling the staff performance consistently?  notably in a world where the remote-working has become pretty common.

Also, the use of many project management tools can shatter your focus over different platforms. Therefore, you need to link them all in one place.

Thus when we built Toucan, we consider the wide configurations that can take place in this tool, that differ from one company to another.

The idea is to allow the user/manager to link all project management tools to one place where he gets notifications and statistics.

Project archive with complete reports

You and your staff are allowed from a complete archive of the different projects. Including documents, project descriptions, deadlines, client, meeting dates, budget, collaborators…

This archive will be a reference for all members,  to check details or look for certain information anytime they need that.

Without the need to ask someone else each time for particular information. The aim is to provide all details in one place. Either financial details, technical features, workshops, deck…

Share Company policy and protocols 

You don’t need to explain the company values and protocols in-person to each new employee.

During the onboarding process, The bot “Toucan” keeps-up with the employee. It sends tutorials, answers common questions, and deals with all requests in a friendly way. 🙂 

Payroll and administrative notifications 

How to manage your payroll and bring peace in mind? Each month you are in charge of employees’ salaries, social fund payment, credits, extra-spending…

You will have notifications to remind you about all tasks that need to be completed on a particular date. And receive notifications about your spendings rate. 

Employee requests management    

It helps you to identify your employees’ requests and estimate what they need via a smart Bot. It receives employees’ questions and requests then send them to the administrator. 

Once an employee needs advance payment, day-off, new device, training,  or any request.   He just drops msg to Toucan the bot which will treat this request and send it to the right destination.

The aim behind this practice is to soften the way that managers deal with the requests,  and allow employees to express their needs in a  friendly yet simple approach, paper-free, and fewer instructions. 

Frequent performance tracking

Of course, as a manager, you want to observe your staff performance and check their productivity and how much they succeed in accomplishing their tasks. 

When we say Tracking, it is not to observe your employee’s movement, like TeamViewer app or any tool that shares others’ screens. This is not the sense. 

Because we know that the feeling of someone else’s control over another person is teasing. It creates an uncomfortable feeling which will push the employee to show productivity, and forget about creativity.

And this is not what we want from our employees. right 😉 

The solution that we provide is an intelligent analysis of the worker’s performance on the different project management tools.

We evaluate their performance by referring to their contribution rate in projects and cards/ tasks that have been completed. 

These data would be sent to the manager as statistics and curved lines to show the ups and downs of the employee in a particular project.

The aim is to know the weak and strong areas and try to support the employee in the blocking stage.

Staff Motivation 

What is special about Toucan, the BOT integrated with the HR system,  is staff motivation to enhance their efforts. It sends them quotes, positive vibes, Proposes Tutorials to improve skills… 

We are working with our team to humanize and improve this section as it represents the key matter of the whole business. Because we believe that employees’ emotional status is the lifeline of the company’s success.  

Recruitment support

Toucan helps recruiters in preparing job offer format and using templates, it also allows the applicant to submit his application online, referring to the platform that you want to integrate,  then the recruiter receives a notification on his device.

It helps also in filtering the applicants to get the most relevant person to the post. It treats job offers and candidate’s professional details that he submitted while sending his application. 

Another feature in this section is that the HR system helps you determine recruitment spendings to identify your budget.

The updates 

Frequent updates about new features and integrations that we add to the system for better UX. We will keep sending updates to users so they can better master and manipulate their HR department. 


Stay tuned for toucan, the new HR system that will change your business performance and raise your employee engagement.  see you guys 😉



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