Post-pandemic: Team management and safety measures

Many countries start ending the lockdown to allow some industries and institutions to re-start their activities and work. We notice that many companies are preparing themselves to get back soon. 

 In this article, we will note how to manage the return to work with your team in safe conditions.

Put a safety measures strategy

As a manager, you need to be ready for the work return.  You need clear plans to guide your team well and re-fresh their excitement to work. 

They may have interruptions and some blocking areas. They need time to re-adapt to some projects, maybe they forget some phases of projects in progress or any details.

This may happen most likely with employees that haven’t worked during the quarantine. Thus it is quite important to prepare them to be back with better vision.

Maintain safety practices

Like any other place, the office needs to secure employees’ safety and protection against the pandemic.

You need to prepare the location for these conditions within hygiene elements and communication rules that all employees must respect.

It is also recommended to integrate a reminder to notify them from time to time to wash hands or put on a sanitizer. It can be a bot on their slack, an application on their phones…

For the IT industry, it is very crucial to provide all employees with equipment cleaners and sanitizers.

 Mouse, keyboard, screen, and headset. these assets are highly vulnerable to germs as human hands are in contact with them.

Review your working approach

Try to apply better practices that help in improving the workflow and amplify the worker performance in a different way. 

They get more motivated to work as the staff experienced in somehow stress due to quarantine and fear from the pandemic. 

So it is quite important to enhance your employees’ performance and give them time to re-familiarize with workplace attendance.

Return with the minimum number of staff

As a manager tries to select the number of employees that you need their attendance in the workplace.

Then try to keep others working remotely. But you need to maintain the good network infrastructure as before to keep the workflow without wrinkles or blocks.

This method helps you to reduce the number of employees in the location especially for the open space workplace where common space is dominant. 

Also for team members that suffer from particular diseases and are more vulnerable to any sickness. Staying home working remotely is a better solution for them to remain safe and sound.  

Keep safe communication

You may need to meet clients directly, or within the same team, you need to have workshops and frequent meetings to keep in progress. Try to arrange meetings in a wide space including 3 members max.  

The project manager can handle these meetings on behalf of his team. The idea is to reduce contact, shake hands, and protect your team as well.

Little Big Smala  in the post-pandemic return 

We highly consider team safety and we prepare our location for that. We ensure hygiene practices/equipment and we make sure that all members respect these rules for the benefit of the group.  keeping distance and rely furthermore on virtual meetings, calls, and texting. 

We reduce contact but we keep communication, this is our key business value in the coming days. Carry on business commitments, and the most important thing is to protect our amazing staff.


We wish you all a better return and successful business to overcome your loss and declines that you may witness during previous months. Take care of your team and good luck 😉  

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