Storytelling in marketing: Learn creative ideas to do it well

Storytelling is a writing style in literature based on narration. In today’s digital business people use this style as a branding material in marketing. Because it helps in engaging users and allows brands to create a connection with the audience. 

Why storytelling

In marketing, Storytelling is the process of transferring particular information or content into a story. It is based on narrating data but in a very pleasant style. 

Scientifically talking, the brain shows more engagement and interaction within stories than formal and boring data. 

So if you want to memorize particular information about your company, try to use the storytelling approach.  

We all have that inner little child in our personalities, whatever was the age bracket.

This type of advertising is closer to our mindset more than tutorials because we experience joyful assets during the learning curve. 

What are the different tools of storytelling?


This is the traditional model that we know and it is still working.  We highly use this type of storytelling in the blog section where we deal with different themes and we try to keep the reader interested to read more till the end of the article. 

Video & photo

Within the rise of social media stories on Facebook and Instagram. brands now could use these techniques to advertise for their business in a creative way and communicate their audience within the tools that they use to spread their news.  

Digital agencies use videos and pictures to spread their content about different goals such as branding, news, company values, celebration…. and they reach high engagement from users while doing that. 


You may face an ad that attracts you for the story it involves or the way it calls you to do sth. 

Ads represent an important channel for any business. Thus telling the story during an ad will make the user think about the statement from your vision.  

He will engage unconsciously in your content and he will forget about the lucrative intention or the selling goal behind the ad. Then,  he ends up clicking on your CTA button without hesitation. Because the story that you draw, simulate gis feelings and thoughts and he focuses only on the topic.  


This kind of storytelling is frequently used within written and visual media. Once a magazine or a TV show tends to criticize a particular situation or visualize certain events. They may use this venue to forward the message behind. 

How storytelling is crucial for the design industry

As design is getting more important in digital product management and future opportunities in this field are countless. Experts are trying to make this domain more creative than ever been and try to apply different theories and experiences to humanize it and make it more user-centric. 

Thus, we find that many designers apply the storytelling methodology while introducing their design stages of a particular product or while describing the customer Journey.

Why? because that approach allows them to captivate stakeholders’ attention and convince them with the design concept. 

  • Set the context: The design needs to be based on a scénario and problem to make the audience on the plot of the execution and the product utility. In the storyboard, you could visualize the product/design aspects with further expressions yet illustrations. 
  • Raise the solution: Simulate the solution that your design will offer to make the UX  relevant and mention the value it will add.
  •  Evoke emotions: By highlighting the connection and the feeling that the design will transfer to the ultimate user and the brand as well: Comfort, solidarity, luxury, confidence, self-esteem… 
  • Praise the goals: talk about the goal that the stakeholder will reach with that design. Illustrate what people will reach, at the end. Because they shouldn’t quit the product page with the same mindset. The design must leave a change in the user’s way of thinking and pushes him to take the action.

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Do you need particular skills to tell a story? 

Below are some simple tips to be a creative storyteller: 

  • First of all, you must know your audience very well, and this step could be fulfilled in the market research phase. then draw personas for the target.   Once you draw the customer profile it would be easy to select the right channel to go through. and the right tone of voice. 
  • Invest in your visual and try to attract your audience to continue exploring what you intend to tell him.
  • Use stunning headlines that captivate the user’s attention especially in the blog content. 
  • Put the accent on the audience’s pain point and rise their inner questions so they carry on discovering your ideas.  
  • Avoid strict and heavy expressions, people admire the simplicity and the easy to understand statements. 
  • Do not overcharge your content with statistics because numbers remind people of the boring mathematics sessions they skipped in school. And they directly think about how to understand and analyze these data, thus they skip them.  Instead, of that try to put infographics and charts with a nice looking design and colors. if not necessary don’t put statistics at all.  
  • Jokes and irony may represent key elements to get people’s approval. But avoid irony about sensitive issues such as policy, religions, Ideology, belief. 

How storytelling could benefit your brand

Memorizing the message

The brain is more likely to save information about stories event or visual processes rather than theoretical and informative data. If you please the user mindset, other brain areas will interact smartly with what you told and you will reach the goal behind. 


When your brand adapts to a unique branding style, your community will consider you as a credible source of information and will enjoy the creative method you are trying to convey the message with. Furthermore, they will be excited to see your work.

Being more approachable 

Once you evoke the personal feelings and use an admirable style of communication.

People will be closer to your sight and feel comfortable toward your stories and your brand as well.  Then you would emotionally connect with people.  

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Create customer loyalty

If you arrive at a point of telling stories with upper technical style. People will be back to discover what you have prepared for them. They will seek your updates and back to you frequently for the pleasure you create.

Meet goals 

Either you want to get more traffic to your pages, enhances users to visit your website, discover offer or turn clients into customers. storytelling will help you to reach these results thanks to the empathetic sens it creates. 


What are you waiting for, start your story now,  Remember that great stories have been told by nice people like you?  See you 😉 

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