The easiest marketing tools for local business

Are you a coffee shop owner, restaurant manager, local barber or do you have a beauty center and you want to acquire as many clients as possible, are you running a small supermarket and you want to increase your revenues. in this article you will meet the different tools that will help you to boost your business return easily. Stay Tuned.  

Existing online is a must-have 

When we say online presence, it is not obligatory to have a  website or mobile application  ( which is a great advantage to have one ).

Because for some businesses, their resources don’t allow them to hire an agency or someone to develop a website or a mobile app.                                 

Thus we invite you to leave online print via the available channels. We mean to use social media. I think they are the most affordable and influential tools for this moment.                                                                                               

In this context, social channels are very helpful tools for advertising and communicate the brand. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best mediums to go through to socialize your brand and being online.               

They would help in offering complete information about your business and enable you to show some figures, share live videos and being more approachable. 

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Provide clear identity details

Make sure to put all the data that help in presenting your business card online such as the location, working time, Business description to tell people what is your domain, and your activities. Google my business is a sophisticated and free tool to do that.                                                                                 

Another important parameter is the customer review which is a very credential reference,  especially for prospective customers. To do that, you may ask your actual clients kindly to leave pleasant comments for your extent.                                                                                                           

Why not motivate them with some rewards or incentives to do that for you. Be generous, The final target deserves some spending 😉

Create Business cards 

Even if we highly focus on online marketing, but offline marketing is still a vital artery to go through.

In some events where you meet people and you’d like to communicate and leave a link with them. Your business cards and brochures are incredibly necessary to hold with you.                                                                        

Why? because they remain professional and concrete reference to your business wherever you go.                                                                        

Images and Illustrations                                                         

Whatever was the product you are selling ( groceries, veggies, house equipment, apparel, restaurant ….).  It is highly recommended to show-up the insight of your stores, The team, the customers’ traffic, and many other details…                                                                                                              

Posting these images on your social pages will survive your business. And make people trust you and realize that you are selling sth beneficial that people adore. In that way, you will build the transparency link with your community. 

Make special offers to build loyalty             

I remember the supermarket guy in our district and he wasn’t very familiar with technology or online marketing.  His business was based only on the WOM. The case is that He used to make a special offer each Friday on a bunch of products.                                                                                           

In that way, he didn’t get popularity only in his local area but also people from other neighboring areas have become loyal customers.                   

So imagine the number of people that will shift to your brand once you appoint them with various offers and discounts. Definitely, you will notice the rise of your ROI in the short term.                                                                 

You want to know the way, ‘’How To Do’’  of course it is a piece of cake and will not cost you that big deal, for instance, if you are a restaurant owner ask people to invite their network and once they did, they get a free meal as a reward.                                                                                                               

If you have a spa or beauty center, why not provide your customers with special packs during anniversaries or weddings in certain seasons.               

The idea is to highlight the pain point or the missing thing that your audience is looking for, and try to offer your product’s advantages instead. 

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Google my business is your best friend 

As we already mentioned in the previous point, this tool is highly restricted to local business owners.  It provides you with an informative ID card that appears once a searcher is looking for your shop or related keywords.       

This free tool offered by Google has a great impact on your business SEO because it sums-up the domain details in a pleasant structure for search engines and users will find a complete guide about your career to reach you easily.                                                                                                                    

Engage in community events   

Either good or bad events try to express your emotions toward the bad or sad situations and celebrate the festive ones.                                                        

We used to see some brands and even public figures committed to helping their communities during a disaster by supporting people with food, covers, and tents as shelters for the homeless. During Elections and important events, Took the initiative to enhance people to take the action.

So try to be a part of your community and reinforce your presence chances in different ways. 

Target relevant keywords

Among the most targeted keywords for local businesses are those related to Location and time indicators. such as “Near me”, “Delivery time around 1 hour”, “7/7 availability”, “where to find”, “best place” ….  Thus you need to nurture your content with these keywords to optimize your page ranking. 

For the domain keywords, they are based on the industry field.  Make a search and learn the most impactful keywords that users look for in this context.    

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Create great content  

This occurs by creating a video, blog, podcast or visuals to address your segment with different subjects that interest them.                                           

Talk about the benefits of a certain product you sell, teach them a tutorial on how to use a device or a machine your shop,  inform them about the different figures that represent your business milestones.                                            

This method will help you to build credibility and confidence with your customers.         


Now let me know if you have tried one of the techniques mentioned above.  If you have any other idea that helps the community hit a comment so.

See you guys  😉

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