The humor in marketing The Do and Don’t  

In real life, we all have different attitudes toward humor and irony at different rates. Some people are experiencing fun all the time and other ones are more rational. Due to that relative mindset, in business, you must be careful while using humor to target some communities or subjects.  So let’s learn together what to do and don’t in this field? 😉

Studying the local culture is a must

If you are targeting different communities from yours, try to learn about their habits, holy things… And the most important is the verbal use of certain sentences.

Why, because what seems ordinary for you may lead to a big dispute and misunderstanding with them. Thus try to be well cultivated about the details for not falling in a trap.

Stay away from religion and political differences

You need to do that for two main reasons;  first one,  business has nothing to do with this stuff.  You are trying to convey a value or message that helps you to upgrade your market shares. And not convincing people to adapt your personal ideas.

The second thing is that both ( policy and religion) are about ideology and sensitive belonging.  So they don’t represent that big matters for you if you don’t use them in humor tone. The only thing it will bring for you is losing your community support. And that, of course, the last thing you intend to do.

Don’t overuse the irony in your marketing line

Unless your product is about funny content or comic series.  In other fields never overuse the irony while dealing with people. Because it will make your audience feel that you are not professional enough.  

This would roughly harm your brand. And logically talking not all the subjects deserve that ironic treatment. Try to balance and be relative while dealing with these things to remain in the safe zone.

Choose the right target

Well, if your previous campaign was addressing teenagers and the current one is dedicated to the elderly. Try to personalize the tone of voice you ‘ll use and the terms you promote.

For instance, while dealing with young teens. You would use rapid speech, excitement and casual terms. However, for old people stability and adding value for them are quite important. Especially when you raise the purpose behind using the products.

Imitation may destroy

What works for other company not necessary would fit you.  It may bring you very destructive outcomes without any benefit.

Thus when you try to put a slogan represent your brand purposes using humor. Make sure to study this step from different edges.

Once you make any kind of related mistakes. People will never forget and in some areas may lead to the brand boycott.

You are not an exception because many famous brands experience that.  And even after a public apology.  People keep remembering that harmful act.


The two things you need to memorize for this subject are the deep awareness about details and the relative use.  I wish I could hear your comments about this subject See you;)


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