The News website !! How to apply a savvy marketing strategy

Well in regard to our areas of interest. We all have a source of knowledge that nurtures our minds and culture. When it comes to the News website.  We find that these platforms are witnessing a high competition rate. Due to the information speed and the various distribution channels.

For that purpose, we will highlight a bunch of tips for this business to be more effective and lead the wave. 

Raise a point

During the last decades, media was restricted to tv channels where we were obliged to wait for the News session at particular hours to know the last updates.

Now, the formula has been changed, and people are allowed to know any piece of information within the timeline they want.

Thus for News platforms, there are some techniques they should go through to keep user loyalty and acquisition. Let’s do it together. 

What are these techniques

Responsive Website and Mobile app

Well, if you want to keep attached with your user,  responsive and accessible website is a must-have.  People are under the rush and don’t like to spend a long time loading a page. 

Also, a mobile application within their smart devices would be an effective method. It helps in updating them with your breaking news and notification in regard to their favorite content.

The design is also a turnkey to keep the audience following your updates with passion. Creative design is completely required to remain competitive, it is no longer an option or a special advantage for certain businesses over another. all online interfaces are asked to offer what pleases the visitor in terms of UX,  appealing features, and images.

Live content

Allow your users from live news where they could reach your real-time content.  This is quite important for many followers who used to be more familiar with Tv presentation version. once they need to check the news episodes they find a dedicated section where all live versions are available.

Content segmentation

For more focus, you need to classify your themes and topics under categories and subcategories in regard to the subject volume.

Try to make it easy for your visitors to reach the content they want by highlighting their areas of interest with grasping headlines.

In other words, try to be very comprehensive in dealing with your target and divide your themes under relevant pages.  Such as Policy, sports, economy, technology, Business, Culture, arts, Reports, Trending, the most read, popular ones, the latest…

These techniques will narrow down the process of seeking the information and rise up your content reachability rate.

Easy content display

It is quite important to offer your audience comfortable content scrolling. Without being forwarded to another page or blocking the screen. These are among the most popular bugs that harm the user journey while using news platforms.

Very relevant media 

The visual features that you embed on your website have a great impact to raise the acquisition. But make sure to not breach copywriting patent or any intellectual property for any party.

Keywords and SEO

Of course, we cannot talk about online business without putting the spot on the SEO dramatical impact.  We invite you to target as many related keywords as possible;  and try to refresh them to serve your goals.

Authentic content with beneficial values is also a key metric for the search engines to crawl your website added to the web design and layout.  To reach that result,  you need to highly consider the tips above and apply frequent analysis to verify your performance. Hashtags and headers are very crucial for news and trending especially on Twitter where they go viral and fast.

Block the annoying ads

This may take place while choosing the development framework of your platform. But also you could implement it while updating or revamping your business.

The most important thing is to ensure that your platform will not include ads that annoy the user experience or cover the content. Unless you are dealing with that as a source of income for your business.

Even though it happens and you deliver some ads for particular brands. Don’t present it in an overwhelming way because that really harms the UX. 

Blog, Reports and link building

Blogging is the best way to raise your crawling and build links inbound and outbound. Case studies and reports are more appropriate in written format to remain as a reference and authentic resources.

Although people go more for visual media.  We find that a great bracket of the audience is more familiar and comfortable with written content. And they enjoy diving into it. Especially when your staff creates original reports and case studies about interesting issues or popular persons in any field. These reports and documentations remain stored on your website and give a badge of credibility and reference. 

Go more social

To bring leads to your business and meet your target.  Try to be more close and create a causal link with your community.  Hence, represent your brand in a convenient way through social channels.

In this part of your marketing strategy, you need to prepare a plan for all your social channels. Your community management needs special recognition in terms of the type of content you release, the format, the schedule, and all these things depends on the audience you are targetting.

The nice thing about social media channels is that each channel offers different advertising advantages and publishing tools, to serve the different purposes of your brand.

This method helps in covering a high number of followers especially when you release a survey or a questionnaire to hear the community feedback. And social media is the best place to do so. with real-time interaction.

Live video, qualified reports, Infographics,  sponsored ads, and casual images will make the change. 


The podcast is another way to keep tracking your audience wherever they go.  People like to hear their favorite programs while driving, in the Gym, while walking …

Podcast has proved its good effects with many brands who want to surround their niche in various situations of their daily life. So why you don’t  😉 


 Accessing local news and making trending content about some regions are not easy tasks to do.  Even for the most popular News agency.

Because in some countries and regions people are too conservative and don’t disclose information easily or they consider that as a privacy breach. and that is a cultural challenge.

In other places,  reporters experience high censorship due to the legislation and regime, this is another political challenge. 

Thus you may recruit people from different areas as freelancers to do the job for you.

These people would fill the mission in the best way as they are familiar with their home areas,  their laws, and their characteristics.

Within the internet penetration and digital device advancement, people are seeking fame by documenting all their life aspects.

You could also dedicate a section or a page on your website to deal with this stuff. where people can send you their reports, apply for freelancing job or propose their ideas. this will amplify the link, the information quality, and the speed.


Bye for now, but before that, I wish that you could write your feedback about this article and tell me if you have any idea to add we may miss it. See you 😉

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