Top 6 goals you MUST achieve in 2020!

2019 is almost over, and by that, we are entering 2020 with maximum expectations for better performance and professional growth. Thus we will invite you to draw 6 goals and ensure that you achieve them in 2020. 

Let’s draw together business goals and we ensure to fulfill them, Right! 

Widen the target base  

Either you are a freelancer, solo entrepreneur or an agency.  You need to reconsider your audience and try to think about another target that can have a great impact on your brand. 

Think from another point of view how your product or service can secure a particular missing for different people. In terms of age, geographic location, social status, business volume… 

Try to give a new breath to your work, so it can fit different categories of customers. If you used to work with medical companies, try to propose your services to financial institutions.   Once you were working with small retailers start to contact warehouses. 

Try to think in a macro vision so that you can increase your revenues. Of course, after you ensure that your actual clients are totally satisfied.  

Start your private profession 

If you generated considerable expertise in a particular domain; Design, marketing, eCommerce development, accounting… Why not start your own business now.  I think it is time to do things like you want it to be.

Independence and private professions are a mature stage that all businesses would reach it is just a matter of time. Never postpone the opportunity.  Try your own and free your capabilities. 

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Change the working tools  

Online business is based on digital tools that facilitate team members’ collaboration and progressive work improvement. 

Among these tools, there is slack which is the best tool to contact the team and share file and app integration. Also, Trello is another famous tool that helps in project management and task distribution. 

For instance, if you have used these tools before, why not to look for more advanced channels that can increase the performance and work management.

If you used Trello,  Try Jira or Gitlab issues.  If you were using Buffer for your social accounts management, it is nice to try MeetEdgar or any other tool that can help you to deliver the right content and task in the right deadline.   

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Improve your business health 

We meant by that is to boost the working conditions of your employees and offer creative incentives that help them to work better and increase the performance yet the revenues. 

Because all the investments that you put on your workers will be back to you in a certain way;  good reputation, work advance, customer satisfaction, and increasing revenues. 

Teambuilding and out of work meetings are healthy practices to make workers like their jobs and find an opportunity to communicate with their colleagues about interesting subjects far from the working-responsibility.

We can say they will deal with each other as humans tell jokes, share comments and talk about life subjects rather than tasks and project completion.

In that way, they can discover in-depth the inner personal sides of each other and can orchester the work in harmony. 

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Learn new skills 

Whatever was your position Project manager, designer, developer, marketer, salesperson… try to know, learn and read about new skills. because the online field is soaring fast and nothing remains steady.

Thus you should learn new things to show your expertise and high knowledge in a particular domain. Once you do that you will feel self-improvement and independence of managing advanced features that others don’t.  

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Enhance customer loyalty and sales services 

If you want to reach more customers and spread your brand. It would be important to reconsider the loyalty program and retention techniques to fit your audience.  

Suggest a different version of the incentives and rewards that you offer.  Be more creative to select the right approach that really influences the brand image and customer loyalty.  

For the sales apply new techniques and ask your sales department to use a creative tone of voice and different communication tools with clients.

In the coming years, the sales department will be more automative and customizable to collect data about customers and raise wealth. As a result, the projections for this field are higher and businesses will rely on that to make or break the purchase decision.    

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Of course, anyone can have different goals for 2020 but the above goals will have to do with any industry and surely one of them is among your plan. The aim of this is to ensure that you achieve them without any delay. Deal 😉 

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