TOP 9 Search engines you MUST consider ?

We used to classify Google as the premium alternative for SERP and crawling purposes. But have you ever thought about how other search engines could support your content indexing with further targets?

If so read below and discover other search tools that have amazing digital solutions for your business.


Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and the first alternative to Google. It provides an approximate search content to Google,  but with more UX focus.

 Bing has a visual focus in terms of saving user search queries and also a customizable home page.

It could provide you with relevant content to your business area in regard to the trendiest subjects.


Yahoo is another important competitor to Google.  It has great popularity among a big number of users, especially in the Middle East.     

It provides many search services for different areas.  Among these areas we have; News, emailing, shopping, sports, finance…;

All that is set on a visual yet dynamic home page. Yahoo is more than a search engine provider instead it is a multi-service platform.


What is special about DuckDuckgo is its hyper privacy policy. It commits to not collect your data or save your searching history for retargeting and advertising purposes.

Unlike other search engines where you find yourself under intensive censorship, By using annoying ads and popup.

DuckDuckgo promises to not harm user privacy. It has also a pretty simple and well-directed website.


Qwant is a French search engine, built on pleasant and creative UX. It provides a wide range of search services with high respect for user privacy.

Qwant team is very active in terms of the continuous development of the company website and the search result relevance.

Also for those who are interested in music they have an independent section for their search.


It provides the user with a highly customizable search result that compromises with their end goal.

It refers to a Russian corporation and offers relevant resources with quality content for different search queries ( video, image, translation, Geolocation…) with multilingual suggestions.

 For businesses, Yandex provides also a personalized email account interface that deals with various tasks.

Search Encrypt

This search engine is highly concerned with privacy and data storing. It applies an automated delete for your search data every 15 minutes.  

It includes a simple home page with important Menu content. It provides also unlimited data and updates about searching tools and companies’ innovation referring to the industry.

Start page

You can add a start page to your chrome, mobile device or your home page. It offers timing scales search results based on new information.

Another service allocated with this search engine is the ability to set your search result by using smart criteria to improve your search experience. 


Kiddle is a safe search engine dedicated to children. Behind the scene, Kiddle’s editors filter the search result that appears to secure the information for the little users and satisfy the family concerns.

So if you are selling content or products that target little children, this search engine is important to go through.


A Chinese search engine that enjoys great popularity in China. Due to the high censorship over international brands.  Many platforms are blocked and don’t operate in the country.

Thus if you are running an online business in China try to understand Baidu algorithm and learn how to optimize your content with it.

These search engines are not useful just for crawling, They are smart tools for a SEA campaign. they help you to arrange your ads to target the most interested people in your business in regard to their searching behavior.

Wrap up

We invite you to dig into these different search engines,  to profit from their algorithm and services and expand your business optimization rate.

As businesses or ordinary searchers, sticking to one platform doesn’t guarantee full information reachability. See you 😉

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