Top UX tips that game owner shouldn’t miss!

Games are the most sold and profitable industry in e-commerce. Today users are more interested in the games that stick them around and add value for their experience, yet their incomes. Which has become the secret sauce for user engagement? So,¬† let’s go in-depth to learn further about this entertaining business ūüėȬ†

Point to raise before we start

By the way, the gamification style ( the application of game elements like rewards, score…) is not restricted to the game world. It is a smart tactic that could be used to increase conversion in many other industries.¬†

You could sell apparel, and use the gamification style to raise engagement and brand awareness in the community.

Hence It has become a powerful marketing technique for different ranges of digital businesses. You too, able to apply some techniques like those we will mention below on your business and you will notice the difference. 

What are the key things to consider for this Games apps


  • The onboarding

The make or Break phase in any type of business. So make sure to clarify the rule of the game easily to your audiences. Through illustrated screens, video, or written content. just to reveal correctly the mechanism before they start. Because if users couldn’t understand the game process their intention to play would shut-down. And they may remove the app from their devices.   

  • The user flow

Technically talking, the transition between stages should guarantee a high level of UX. The signup, the share button, the menu, the setting, The checkout…¬† In other words, make the user feels that seamless move in each step he deals with.

Also, don’t overwhelm the players with annoying ads that harm the UX.  Unless you use these ads to sponsor your game. And even if it is the case, try to ask for permission and not popping up while they play.

  • Offer many ways to access

I mean by that, is to help the user to signup using different channels. i.e ask them to signup via  Store email, the email address, Facebook account, and of course with fewer steps.

Provide your user with a free trial before signup and ignite his will to carry on the game.

  • Offer incentives

An incentive is anything able to keep your users around.  Today the majority of games offer financial rewards. why? because people are smart and they want you to pay them for their time.

Unless that they organically enjoy the game without any revenues and this is a quite hard result to reach.  Because the competition rate in this domain is getting higher than ever.

  • Highlight the community spirit

Of course, you will ask players to share or invite their friends to play or like the game on a certain social platform.

If so, allow them also to play the turns with their friends. this is a smart way to excite the users while playing and increase brand popularity.

Use the affiliate programs to entice the players to invite and invite people to join and offer special things for the person who brings more users.

  • Keep aligned with your users

Push notifications and email updates are must-have elements in this field. But make sure to not overwhelm your audience with frequent yet useless information.

Try to keep an eye on them with a smart approach to inform them only about what really  interests them

  • Ask for permission

Why that? Because that behavior increases the feeling of trust and safety among the users. Once you need to access a particular piece of information or device element.

Ask for permission before and leverage a safety message with that request to tell users that you will not harm their privacy.  

  • Offer the user additional tools to enjoy

Apart from the game, Allow the users from adding some options to enjoy their experience.

Such as color options, the layout, uploading a picture, share the experience, profile setting, and many other options.

These things have a good impact on the way the user manipulates the game and shed a light on other nice features in the game.

  • Consider latency

Here we mean that games that align players from different nationalities can provide very different opportunities for them to win. Because the network speed is not the same between all board players and this is a common frustration among many players.

For instance, a player from the USA is playing with another player from Algeria or Tunisia. the game conditions will not be equal as the first one would enjoy a faster network to win the turn.

  • Propose¬†a value

In any business, you have to associate your work with a proposed value to the target group. This is obvious to tell the community what makes you unique among other competitors.

And for the games, to engage the users, you should propose a value to them and spot the light on their concerns.

For example, set a bunch of goals and ask the player to tick some of these statements before he starts playing. to make you know what he wants to reach behind the game.  

On the other hand,  suggest what you are able to offer to your users in terms of entertainment and learning skills.

  • Burn with teasers¬†

Teasers and trailers need to burn social media and all places where your target audience is dominating.

Why because the teasers are the first source of sponsoring to allow you to improve the game quality and secure a great base of users later.

This business needs to be run with your marketing staff in advance and you need to invest in the video quality to drag the suspense.

  • Video and ads display strategy

We talk about this in the beginning, but we will help you further to use it correctly.

So, most of the game apps include these features as a source of income or due to the platform they used in the development phase. 

Well, try to master your app and make sure to not annoy the users while they play. This is quite based on the choice of the framework of the application. So try to use the relevant one to reach a good result. 

Then, if you use ads as a part of your resources.  Try to ask the user before displaying the ad.

Entice the players to watch the video by offering special points or additional playing time. These things avoid friction upon the user and secure the profit margin for the app owner.


These tips are very simple to apply and some of them are customizable to any type of app. just try to understand how much your goals are aligned with the audience preference. See you guys ūüėČ

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