What are E.A.T & YMYL SEO standards: key message for content editors!

People around the world have become more vulnerable to different types of vicious attacks, cyberbullying, malware, fake news….You know that This might lead to many bad outcomes.  Especially if that website or content is dealing with vital issues such as medicines, kids raising, consultancy, food, diet, psychology, beauty tips… Let’s learn together about this! 

What is E.A.T

This acronym stands for the different standards that particular content must involve while dealing with a bunch of subjects. And these subjects have a direct impact on human lives. So  they require: 


This standard determines the level of expertise that a writer should have while writing about a topic.  

For instance, if you have a medical website that offers remedies about tuberculosis or kidney failure. You need to hire someone who is experienced in the field to give the audience reliable information about that. 

But in some cases we find some people talk about their experience and encourage others to imitate them.

 This is very dangerous because biological interactions are not the same from one person to another. Thus that person’s testimony couldn’t be sufficient to make a decision.

 It has become compulsory to put the writer’s biography to determine his level of expertise and data about his career.

These steps are applied to filter the massive content online and keep only the valuable one. As a result, upgrading the website rating with Google ranking.


This standard is used to evaluate the authority and reputation level of a particular website while dealing with its core subject and target group. 

Does it rely on its resources or not? does it have the copyright of publishing particular content? How qualified are the writers on this website?

As a result, It has become difficult to steal other’s content under google’s strategy of patent protection. In order to stop breaching the copyrights.

Great Job Google 🙂  people will rely only on their own resources rather than copying others’. And that secures quality content delivery.


This metric highlights the content credibility in supporting the audience request and to what extent it could protect their data.

Being a source of trust and confidentiality would raise the content optimization chances on SERP. 

A trustworthy website should hold enough and clear information to guide the visitor.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be under google’s trust umbrella.

The trust = page authority; which is an SEO metric in website auditing. 

We can say that all these metrics are interconnected to offer great information.  Written by Experienced, Authentic, and trustful people.         

And of course the above are the key values that writers should have in general.

What is YMYL

This abbreviation stands for the statement Your Money, Your Life. Referring to the pages that deal with what affects people’s lives and financial resources. 

So to clarify E.A.T are the features that need to be in the content and YMYL defines the type of pages that highly need these features.

In other words, Google classifies the page categories that need significant EAT under the YMYL label.

Your Money pages

This represents the pages that deal with users’ financial and working data. They need a high consideration to not result in damage to the user’s career or financial situation. Examples of these pages 

Online shopping

The place where people input their credit card details and address information.  They should be very confidential and secured to not leave the opportunity to any fraudulent information or process.

Online consultancy  

This is about the websites that invite people to invest in particular projects or deposing a certain amount of money to increase income. Users should be careful and deal only with a confidential party.

On the other hand, these websites should support the credibility standards for their audience and not selling them lies or dreams.


It represents the online marketplace for exchanging money or currency, investment, purchasing shares, or learning about financial yet economic updates.

Within the rise of digital currency, many websites start offering these services, and blockchain operations are kind of this approach.

Shares value and companies ups and down situations should be very clear to the stakeholders to decide either to purchase or not.

Also while offering some pieces of information about any financial incidents or statistics, the writer of this content should be 100% qualified to talk about this stuff.

Your Life pages       

This category involves all pages that have a direct or indirect impact on human life and the above categories are included too.  But we want to be more specific and determine the most influential pages on human lives like health, happiness, relationships, psychology…

The medical websites

This type of page has a very straight impact on a person’s lives. One mistake in a piece of advice or wrong diagnosis about a particular disease may cost a person’s life.

Therefore the content of these pages needs to be deeply verified before being published. Precautions and PS notes are important to consider the exception or unexpected results.

Because you don’t know who may visit your website and what is his education level or age. So you need to bear in mind all these standards before giving any medical tips, and of course, your domain expertise is a must-have priority.

Social and psychological support:

If you have a website that offers guidance and advice about depression, post-divorce recovery, adoption, child-rearing, couple lifestyle…   Undoubtedly you need to hire people who are able to direct the audience toward the right way.

Life coaching, psychological treatment, and personal development belong to human sciences. which need a skillful person yet academic one to understand to be able to offer the right advice. 

You are not allowed to offer superficial information that you heard once and try to give tips just because you think that you know. people’s life is a sensitive subject that no one is allowed to ruin or overlook it.

Imagine If a layperson,  I mean by that, he is a very ordinary person without special expertise in a certain field. then he tries to guide people to do things in a certain way without any methodology or references just the Word Of Mouth as a resource.

Of course, This could harm people’s life as it may lead to various bad results. Just imagine that you are in this case and you are using wrong information from a website that you consider as a trustful entity.  How do you feel right now? Could you say that?

Learning websites

Never offer a piece of information that you are unsure about, especially in the learning field.

Why? Because you will contribute to the knowledge of someone else that may cause damage to his future career.

For instance, don’t teach mathematics just because other people do or just copy and paste what others teach. Let people who have experience in the field do that.  

Because they could go further within the issue. They could estimate students’ major pain points and provide them with an efficient method to overcome their barriers.

The most important thing about this type of content is that it needs to add value to the learner not shattering his skills with fraudulent information.


Major people dream about immigration or traveling to another place in the world.  But don’t let your dream make you an easy victim to malicious websites. Pretending easy visa procedures for example. 

Instead, they may use the user’s personal and financial data for their extent or make him in big trouble

Therefore Google put the above standards to protect users from this kind of deception.


Websites that offer diet recipes or fitness exercises should be careful.  For not leading to an unwanted result. People around the world suffer from obesity or overweight and they seek an easy and fast way to get rid of that nightmare.

Unfortunately, many brands use this sensitive problem ( especially with women) to promote particular meals, recipes, cream, and pills.  Under the assumption of losing weight within a predefined duration.

They use a powerful marketing campaign and a smart tone of voice that entices the audience to convert.

However these remedies may lead to further  dangerous outcomes than the obesity could do such as  ( cancer, heart crisis, stomach disturbance…)

Legal content

This may be the scariest content for some people. For them it is ok to be stolen, eat unhealthy recipes or learn wrong information but not being under a lawsuit or accused by criminal behavior, so funny but controversial 😉

You may go to jail and stand in the court due to the wrong information,  or due to your limited awareness about the legal frame. So make sure to ask experienced people when you need legal support or before engaging in a commitment online.

Do all websites need to follow EAT standards? 

 Ideally talking yes, but some pieces of content don’t require that high level of EAT because they don’t deal with dangerous outcomes on human lives. 

Take the example of daily routine video on youtube, cooking recipes, or  DIY content where people share their solutions about daily tips. Which I personally adore 🙂

They teach you how to do nice things in life with simple tricks such as a nice T-shirt with your old dress, nice looking decor for your house, lunchbox ideas for your kids,  Makeup tutorial…

They don’t require that great EAT rates as this content category is highly based on talent and passion which vary from one person to another.

How to apply the E.A.T standards on your content


  • Be  updated about Google algorithm and policy which is progressively developed
  • Provide enough information about the website core mission
  • Terms and conditions shouldn’t distract users privacy or living
  • Website engagement for not causing harm to any parties.
  • Hire the right person to write about the intended content


Thank you google,  you are so kind and careful about our lives we also care about your policy.  That’s why we will keep offering our amazing readers the best content ever.  See you guys 😉

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